June 10, 2020

Stay at home with animator and illustrator Aurélia Durand.

I’m thrilled to bring you this week’s Stay at home with series, because this week we’re bound for Paris! Unfortunately, no petit déjeuner on the Eurostar on this occasion, but a colourful artist’s abode awaits. Introducing Aurélia Durand!

Aurélia is an illustrator and animator who has worked for the likes of Apple, Facebook, Adobe, Magnum, Giphy and Caran d’Ache. In fact, we first met on a trip to Caran d’Ache’s factory in Geneva back in April 2019. I’ve been besotted with her work ever since and feel honoured that she agreed to let me (and you) take a peek inside her home.

With her work bringing an explosion of colour and joy, combining messages of diversity with empowered figures, Aurélia’s style is oozing with personality but also substance. She has dedicated her artistic voice to championing representation (something which in the last week has seen her work shared far and wide) and aims to ‘present the unified voice of a global community whose hopes, dreams, and desires present a future inclusive of all.’

Aurelia Durand at home in her Northern Paris in her colourful studio space
portraits of illustrator Illustartor Durand
Aurélia Durand’s duplex apartment is a hive of colour and creativity.

Right, wanna know about her home? Aurélia lives in a rented apartment in Northern Paris with her boyfriend. She moved to the city around 1 year ago, having lived in Copenhagen for 7 years prior. The flat is a duplex – the ground floor is a living room and kitchen, while on the first floor is an office, one bedroom and bathroom. There is also a balcony on the ground floor, giving a view of the park.

For this instalment, we’re focusing on the office area and how Aurélia has created a creative space to work in a rented home. It’s not an easy thing to do when you’re not sure how long you’ll live somewhere, but it can be done. Let’s look around!

creative office area in rented home
bookshelf with colourful prints on the wall
Art and reference books fill the shelving for inspiration.

First off, can you tell me a little bit about what home means to you?

I feel home is where I can create a space for my creativity. I like working from home; I am productive when I am isolated. I guess I want to have a distance from people so I can focus.

Your work is full of colour and pattern. Would you say your interior style is the same?

My work is colourful, but I like to live with white walls. I would rather have bright objects than colours on the walls. I want to have a white base and then use personal items to create some dynamics in the interior. 

desk with post pens looking on to dream big mural
artwork on desk by Aurelia Durand
colourful prints and posters on white walls
The desk looks onto a seating area and is surrounded by artwork.

Where are your favourite places to source furniture and decor?

I do not own a lot of furniture because I have been travelling, and I am not sure I will stay a long time in the apartment I live in now. I buy small objects of decorations like vases, candles, boxes, etc. I go to the local shops and buy objects from french designers who make cool stuff.

How do you make your home a creative space for working?

My office is at home; I have dedicated a special place in my apartment where I work every day. I made it very cosy, so I like to hang out there, I have all my tools, and the desk is removable so I can use it as a playground when I need to draw on large format.

colourful prints by Aurelia Durand on wall
seating area with IKEA chairs
A large ‘Dream Big’ mural fills the wall to add pattern and interest.

Any tips for other creators out there on how they can make their homes more inspiring, even if they are in rented accommodation?

The most important is to have a desk where you can work every day. I advise you to install a shelf or hang your work on the walls so it’s visible and you can reflect on each piece.

Finally, I’d love to hear of some other illustrators you’d recommend us checking out. Who should we be filling our walls with?

Follow these artists on instagram: Timothy Goodman | Andrea Pippins | Agathe Singer| Ricardo Cavolo

What do you think of Aurélia’s rented home? Are you a fan of white walls and colourful objects? Follow Aurélia Durand on Instagram, check our her website and buy her prints here. For more interior inspiration, colour clashing and general life admin, check out the rest of my blog. Follow me fon InstagramPinterest and Twitter for more EJP in your life.


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