June 18, 2020

My Rented Abode #4 | Top tricks to update your rented home.

Making a rented home your own isn’t always something that comes naturally, but it certainly can be done. From updating your rental kitchen to making your space feel bigger, there are a few tricks up my own sleeve. This week I’m illustrating some simple ways to add your own personality to a home, with some imagery from the #myrentedabode community to provide some vision. These renters have made their space their own and are now showcasing their rented home inspo to the world.

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1. Make a basket wall.

Baskets are a great way to add texture, colour and pattern to your walls. Plus, they tend to be super light so can easily be hung with Command strips. Katia has created the ultimate boho vibes in her rented abode using different styles of baskets and I love the way she has overlapped them for something a little different.

2. Panel your own walls.

White walls can easily be jazzed up with some wooden panels, as demonstrated in Medina Grillo’s living room. She’s even popped in some typographic lightbox letters for extra personality. P.S Don’t you just love that yellow sofa?

3. Add personality with photos.

Sometimes I walk into houses and wonder where all of the photos are. I’m not expecting the age old photography studio shots but I LOVE seeing snapshots of happy moments and glimpses into history. Kate of Fabric of my Life has got the balance just right in this corner of her home, tying in the photos with earthy-hued decor and tropical palm tree prints.

4. Go overboard on cushions.

Got a sofa that you’re not really a fan of? Cover it with cushions, obviously! Im a firm believer in the great cushion cover up to make any sofa more representative of your personality and I think Nicole Crentsil has nailed her own arrangement here layering her pieces on a grey number. Clearly there’s nothing wrong with the sofa itself but the cushions help to bring more of her vibe in. Different shapes. Check. Colours. Check. Textures. Check. Swoon!

5. Think creatively.

I’ll always applaud at any part of the home dedicated towards booze, but when you break down some of the creative solutions that Taylor has used for her home bar above, you could adapt them to anywhere in your home. She’s placed a shower curtain rail in the coving to hang plants, and applied self-adhesive cork to the wall for photos, prints and keys. Plus, once all the hard work is over, there will still time for a Negroni!

6. Add greenery.

Katy Mitten’s bathroom is pretty lovely in its own right, but I admire how she’s stepped it up with a gigantic cheese plant and woven bamboo decor. Bathrooms can be tricky areas to style, especially if they’re small, but a plant will nearly always help to bring some colour to the room. I can just see myself stepping in here with a coffee and a book…

7. Take it outside.

I don’t think I’ve spoken about an outside space on this feature before, but Charlie’s little green balcony reminded me that they do exist in rented homes! There’s never been a better time to learn to grow your own food – I promise you’ll feel happier for it – or so my friends tell me.

8. Go wild on eBay!

I couldn’t very well not acknowledge my own latest purchase this month, now could I? I stumbled across this vintage 70s sofa on eBay and managed to win it for the mere sum of £310! Polite reminder that you can look outside of the highstreet and both eBay and Facebook marketplace are both great places to nab some unique bargains. Just don’t bid against me, okay?

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