May 20, 2020

5 simple home updates you can make to your home this weekend!

As we look to our home environments now more than ever, it’s easy to get lost in grand schemes of home renovations or dreaming about an alternative place to live. Comparison of interiors via social media is of course rife, and were also limited by what we can currently order in. I’ve been inundated with requests from folks on the hunt for simple home updates to undertake, so I thought I would pop some of the tips that I believe can make a difference in your home. NB: If you’re reading this post-COVID 19 – hurrah, we made it – but these tips are still relevant.

girl standing in front of vinyl unit and gallery wall
girl standing in front of vinyl unit and gallery wall with dog
After my simple home updates, I like to pose in a suit and celebrate with the pooch.

Whether you’re renting, have just moved to your first home, or simply want a refresh, it’s important to make your home feel like you. While I don’t want to make the assumption that you may have more time on your hands, there’s certainly more reason than ever to put a little bit of love into your home. Here’s 5 simple and affordable updates that you can make to your home over a weekend (or just whenever you like).

seventies bedroom with mural and rattan furniture
Play with the layout of your room and try new things. A shuffle can make all the difference.

Rearrange your furniture.

This might seem like an obvious and VERY simple home update, but it’s not always something that people consider when their space is feeling a little stale. A reshuffle of layout can completely renew your living environment and satisfy any cravings to completely gut the house. One of the first things I did when entering lockdown was rearrange my living room – the very simple motion of moving bits around made me feel like I’d made improvements to the space. Shop your own home and swap furniture around rooms. Task your partner or your housemates to have a go at creating their ideal version – you never know what you might end up with.

gallery wall above rattan bench
Gallery walls add interest and show off your personality.

Hang a gallery wall.

Gallery walls are the perfect way to show off your personality in your home and will immediately add impact to a space. Mix and match prints, photographs, drawings and any other mementoes (framed tea towels and scarves can look amazing!) for a varied aesthetic. If you’re not sure where to start, I’ve got all your gallery wall questions covered. Don’t be afraid and get stuck in!

shelving unit with books and glass ornaments
Shelving is the perfect opportunity to get creative.

Style a shelfie.

Shelfies are by no means groundbreaking, but they do take a little bit of practise to get right. There are a few simple tricks that will help to make yours look ready for Pinterest. Always style in odd numbers (it’s called the rule of three in interiors lingo) and think about balance.

For instance, you don’t want a huge piece of decor surrounded by lots of miniature candles – size, colour and texture are all things that need to be considered. If you need items to fill your shelves, shop for quirky items via Trouva and Etsy, or head straight to eBay for vintage goods. This update is all about experimentation, and showing off your own personal style. Think of it as jewellery for your home.

white bedroom with orange stripes and scallop detail
These simple stripes and scallops can easily be painted over in my rented home.

Paint a wall mural (or try your hand at your own art).

Got a few paint tester pots lying around? Paint your own mural and create something completely unique in your home. I’ve created stripes, scallops and even a leopard print effect in my abode, all of which have been low cost and relatively easy to undertake. If you’re in rented accommodation and can’t paint the walls, turn to painting a canvas instead. Using the same methods, you can create geometric wall art that can easily be attached to the wall with Command strips.

pink fireplace with plants and yellow artwork
Fireplaces were actually made for plants, don’t @ me.

Jazz up your garden (or bring the plants in).

If there was ever a time to get green-fingered, it’s probably now. Take inspiration from the great outdoors and add some colour to your garden. Growing your own herbs and vegetables is both educational and satisfying – learning is cool folks! If you’re low on outdoor space, try bringing the outdoors in. I recently discovered Patch Plants who will deliver a range of indoor and outdoor plants. They even email you with tips and tricks on how to keep your plants alive.

These simple home updates were originally created for a story takeover at Kitri Studio, so the suit you see in the top photos was gifted. If you want to get suited and booted for your home photo shoot, I’m wearing the Courtney Navy Blazer and Marla Kickflare Trousers. For more interior inspiration, colour clashing and general life admin, check out the rest of my blog. Follow me on InstagramPinterest and Twitter for more EJP in your life.


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