November 12, 2017

The Weekly Wall | #010 | Plim, Camden Town


The Weekly Wall | #010 | Plim, Camden

Hawley Mews, London, NW1 8BF

Nearest Station: Chalk Farm

Now that we’re well and truly in Winter mode, I thought I’d share something that could add a little Summer sun to your day. I mean, that’s a daily occurrence on the EJP Instagram feed but this time I’ve gone above and beyond to bring you good vibes and good street art.

Camden is a hive of Street Art and I’ve covered the likes of regulars such as geometric-fanatic DRT on my blog before. I’ve also mentioned The Real Art of Street Art who help to find space for those interested in creating on the curbside. It’s a real treat to know that there are people out there dedicated to providing talented people with a space to express themselves, all while brightening up our streets too.

Brazilian artist Plim is the lady I’m focusing on today with her South American roots bringing vibrancy and sparkle to the Big Smoke. Her influences range from highly elaborated ethnic and folk art from all over the world, to the organic shapes found in microorganisms, laboratory exams and thermic maps. I’d seen small bits of her work on the streets before and had always been delighted with the summer essence of it, but this time I was blown away by how happy the work made me feel. It’s always a good when a smile creeps in.

Comprising plant life and fruits of the natural world given an illustrative edge with bold and vibrant colourways as well as co-ordinating rainbows, Plim’s work is like stepping into a carnival. If you like Tropicana vibes, you’ll certainly like Plim.

The work seen above and another wall can be found in Hawley Street and Hawley Mews in Camden Town. Be sure not to miss it before it’s covered by another piece of work – you won’t regret bringing some colour to your day!

Got a wall to share? Upload your imagery to Instagram with #theweeklywall and tag me so that I can share!


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