November 8, 2017

The EJP Abode | That 70s Show


Going back in time? The seventies interiors that fill the EJP abode.

It’s pretty apparent that I’m trying to turn my home into a seedy 70s paradise and I’ve shared my love for the era from the rooftops (even giving it as a top tip in The Sunday Times right over here). I’ve long been a fan of the late 60s and early 70s culture from the music to the fashion to the boho, ‘give a damn’ interiors. Jimi Hendrix’s apartment? You’ve hit the nail on the head. That place is the dream.

I like to think that rather than stepping back in time, the EJP pad brings the style into the now with a mixture of textures, colours and patterns all adorning our living room. We’ve updated the look with movie posters, graphic prints and the odd DVD, with the rock and roll lifestyle creeping through in the form of a pink Squire bass guitar, JJP’s first ever bass and a Fender amp – the one interior touch I’ll happily let the boy take credit for.




George knows how to rock the seventies with that brindle hair.

Our rattan screen sets the backdrop for a corner of the room, with plants engulfing the crazy patterns of the chair I created at a Yinka Ilori workshop last year. The faux zebra rug is from Ikea, dressed over the dreamy ochre tones of the French Connection piece I snapped up when we moved. The seventies really was all about sourcing things you love and making them work in the same space. Vintage stores, charity shops and crazy markets abroad are certainly your friend if you want to tap into the era and create your own vintage transformation.



When we’re happy, we dance.

One of the most recent additions to the space is the Shelby floor lamp from Habitat which was kindly gifted to me from a recent event. I fell in love with the marble base and low floor lamp style – it screamed seventies movie set to me like no other light I’d ever seen. The top is completely adjustable, meaning you can set it on the base however you like and the dimmer switch is a total babe –  you can set the scene for a spotlight moment or create a dimly lit ambience perfect for chilling out in. The seedier the better in my opinion. Yes, American Hustle, I’m channelling you.

And yes, we really do have a lot of footstools. It’s all about that rustic chilling on the floor vibe people. We’ve picked up these from the Marrakech souks, the charity shop and the cow print number from good ol’ T.K Maxx. Style a couple of great records by laying them around oh so casually, and hey presto, you have your look.



Serious seventies vibes.

Now just to wait for the perfect burnt orange velvet armchair to appear and I think I’ll have the 70s abode nailed. I mean, that Bella Freud jumper is screaming for some velvet action to keep it looking it’s best, right? Orange, mustards and browns are coming on to the market everywhere so it’s good to keep an eye on the latest from interior brands too. Thankfully, I’ve done a little round-up just for you. You can thank me with that chair in burnt orange if you like.


1 // Tassel Cushion | One Nine Eight Five | £125
2 // 1970 Cushion | Bella Freud | £160
3 // Colour Palette Print | Hotel Magique | £34.45
4 // Je t’aime Magique art print | Hotel Magique | £34.45
5 // Pixel Camo Cushion | One Nine Eight Five | £95
6 // Gold Armchair | | £599
7 // Lion Candle | Bella Freud | £45
8 // Woven Pouffe | Maisons du Monde | £38
9 // Floor Lamp | Habitat | £130

What do you think? Will you be joining the hippie movement again? Yay or nay? I wanna know. P.S I know you’ll all love the jumper and secrets for ya, the Bella Freud sample sales are the bomb.


  1. Kate says:

    Adore it all!! Such a perfect EJP and JJP blend and it’s so cute to see George on board with the whole scheme, and fitting in so beautifully too xx

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