May 13, 2018

The Bedroom Update | Revamp, Restyle Reveal

Throughout the last three weeks, I’ve been to Milan, started a new job AND undertaken a room renovation which has been a long time coming. Who said you should only do one thing at a time, eh? While I’ve been busy with all of the above, I haven’t really had the time to hop on here and tell you about what my plans were, so here I am, to retrospectively tell you the gossip on my plans for the EJP/JJP bedroom.

Firstly, what’s this all in aid of? YES, there is actually a reason why I’ve decided to do all of these things at once. Last year I became obsessed with a little blogger challenge called Revamp Restyle Reveal and after speaking to founders Lisa and Bianca, they kindly invited me to take part in Season Two! This was back in November and all throughout the latter of 2017, I was busy stirring up ideas for my revamp.


Revamp Restyle Reveal; The EJP bedroom in its former glory; dark walls and slightly cluttered!

RRR is a blogger challenge where ten bloggers take one month to revamp a room using items from dedicated sponsors. Participants record their progress via Instagram and YouTube and YOU are encouraged to get involved too, by uploading your own renovations over the month period. This year the sponsors include, Christy Home, Maisons du Monde, Earthborn Paints,, David Hunt Lighting, The Cotswold Company, Harlequin Fabrics at Style Library and Sainsburys. EXCITING!

For those of you who have seen my bedroom before, it’s SUPER dark with Petrol Blue walls and dark green curtains. The floor remains light and throughout Winter I struggled with the low-levels of natural light to wake me up. I adore the colour itself but in a pretty small space, it just wasn’t bringing the right impact for me. Thanks to my favourite shop W.A.Green, I had visions of a Californian retreat, with fresh walls and lots of greenery. Joan’s apartment in Mad Men is a big inspiration for me and terracotta and earthy colours were front of my mind for my new space. I’ve included my original mood board below so you can see how my vision was looking pre-May.


Revamp Restyle Reveal; Bedroom Mood Board

Wanna see how it all turned out? Well, you’ve got only FOUR days to wait as the final room reveals are not far off. In the meantime, you can take a look at all of the other bloggers taking part and watch our weekly progress on YouTube via the Revamp Restyle Reveal website. These guys have essentially become my blogging family over the last three weeks and I’m SO excited to see their final reveals.

We also all want to see your rooms. Whether it’s a mini makeover or a restyling revamp, make sure you tag @revamprestylereveal in your posts using #revamprestylereveal for a chance to be featured on the Instagram feed in the last week. All you need to do is post your room update using the carousel feature on your Instagram feed showing before and after shots. There’s not much time left (yes, I’m a bad blogger) so ándale, ándale – get to it.

Follow me on Instagram for final day updates and don’t forget to tag me in your final room shots too!


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