May 17, 2018

The Revamp Restyle Reveal | Californian Bedroom Makeover

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It’s been a long month, but the time is FINALLY here. First up, if you know nothing about Revamp Restyle Reveal, please do check out my previous post – if you want the juicy mood board and “before pictures”, this is where you’ll need to go. However, if you can’t be bothered or you’ve come straight over from the lovely Kerry, I’ll give you a little bit of the low-down here.

The concept behind my bedroom makeover was to make it a lighter and brighter place. I’m obsessed with orange and pink combinations and I wanted to translate this into a room without going too over-the-top or being sucked too much into a trend. This needed to be a livable space that would serve us for some time. For those not in the know, we live in a rented abode, and it’s not our mission to change things up on the regular. With only three rooms to go between, it’s not exactly ideal to decorate and I have a lounge filled with everything we own to justify that. We have one top-notch room in the flat and the rest is a job for the weekend. Without further ado; here is my new retro Cali bedroom – yes okay, I gave you a little swipe feature above so you can see the before and the after. That’s dark to light in a nutshell babe.

Revamp Restyle Reveal; Californian-inspired bedroom

The Paint

I initially wanted to go full on orange in this room, but after receiving testers from Earthborn and contemplating between if the room could pull off the burnt tangerine shades, I decided that it wasn’t completely long-lasting and I could easily change my mind in the short-term. ‘Cupcake’ (the light pink shade) came to my rescue and after a little paint play, I was fully converted to mixing the lighter orange/brown ‘Freckle’ and the terracotta ‘Flower Pot’ shades to create a retro vibe in the room.

As a geometric lover and having recently described my own style as ‘Geometric Boho’, I decided to go with some good old stripe action – nothing beats a bit of stripe action, right? I also chose to paint both the ceiling skirting and floor skirting in the same shade of ‘Cupcake’ to evoke a larger space and taller ceilings.

Earthborn Claypaint gets a tick from me for being eco-friendly and no oils or acrylics mean no nasty emissions or rank fumes while painting, but I do warn you that it does take slightly more effort to put on as the paint is extremely thick – my arm muscles are thankful but my patience not so much.




Revamp Restyle Reveal; Californian-inspired bedroom

The Furniture

When I found out Maisons du Monde was a sponsor, I was beyond excited. This company gets it so right when it comes to more affordable furniture and I struggled to choose between various items for my room. I chose the mustard yellow vintage velvet armchair for its gorgeous papaya colouring to match ‘Freckle’ and the anthracite ottoman was a fail-safe to ensure that we had a little bit of extra storage, while also creating a blissful window seat. It comes in a shade of orange too, which very nearly made it into the room.

The wooden top metal stool/table is from Sainsbury’s Home and it gives off a touch of vintage bohemia in the corner of the room. This is JJP’s side of the bed and he’s always wanted to have his own side table – thankfully he very much approves of the metal features paired with the dark wooden top.

Onto the main storage; The Cotswold Company have a huge range of furniture but realistically we were looking for something a little different that would bring along some MadMen chic. The Harvington range is less traditional than many of the other options and brings a darker wood stain and more retro look to the room. The piece is extremely well-made and completely complements the pink and orange finishes. I have to say that I’ve never been a fan of bedroom storage but I absolutely adore this piece, especially paired with the hand-painted terracotta plant pots and retro record player.

Finally, we were really on the hunt for a full-length mirror. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one that 100% fit the vibe I was going for, but then I noticed the square matt black mirror from which FYI, is absolutely huge. also do the most rad radiators. I immediately envisioned a leaning mirror (also to save our rented walls) and it was a done deal. The harsh black works well against the pink and adds a graphic effect to the room. I don’t actually feel the need for a full-length mirror as the square nature of this baby means you get a pretty good picture of your “ootd”.


Revamp Restyle Reveal; Californian-inspired bedroom – George is happy with it!

The Lighting

Now we get to the inspiration. The Savoy Pendant by David Hunt Lighting was the original source of inspiration for the bedroom. Having seen the gorgeous orangey brown colourways, I referenced my seedy roots and knew that the circular pendant was the one for me. The bronze resin detail, metalwork and Italian dark marble effect brings out some of the smaller details in the room and adds that extra bit of wow factor.

The table lamp featured on the right-hand side of the bed is from Maisons du Monde. I’ve long had an obsession with rattan and it was vital for me to include natural materials to give a fresh vibe. I highly recommend searching the wicker and rattan options at Maisons du Monde as each and every piece looks unique.


Revamp Restyle Reveal; Californian-inspired bedroom

The Bedding

I’ve become increasingly aware of how much bedding can transform your sleeping patterns and how high quality can actually lead to a better quality of life. The Rustica bed linen set I chose features an intricate crochet trim which draws the eye in and adds a little bit of a vintage twist. I love white bed linen but as always it needs to have a point of difference for me to stay interested. Made from 100% cotton with a 200 thread count, this crisp white bed linen is beautifully sumptuous and after a pleasant nights sleep with our new anti-allergy duvet, I can firmly say that I’m looking forward to the nights ahead.

The bed is finished with two handmade cushions in the ‘Tressilo’ fabric from Harlequin at Style Library. The rust orange cord velvet is fresh and individual. I think this has gotta be my favourite fabric of them all.




Revamp Restyle Reveal; Californian-inspired bedroom

The Interior Accessories

One of my main concerns about the room was the beige carpet that neither JJP or I were a fan of. Without having much dollar to invest, it was clear that we needed to think of an alternative so when I saw the huge Jute rug from Maisons du Monde, I was pretty sure I was on to a winner. The rug covers the entirety of the floor, keeping it protected while adding a slightly more bohemian feel. It’s also seemingly good for foot rubs due to the rough texture. If there’s anything that adds the full Californian vibe, alongside the rattan basket from Sainsbury’s Home, it’s this.

On the walls, I painted some picture ledges in the same ‘Cupcake’ shade and hung art that brings about memories of travel and mementoes in time. I like rooms to be personal and make me smile, so the little postcards and objects are all things that mean a lot to me. I’ve been a little more restrained in this room though, as obviously, it’s a place to unwind.

The cushions are again handmade using the Harlequin fabrics from Style Library in, Sediment Rust, Trezzini Onyx and Kelambu Amber / Slate. Yes, we did both learn to sew just for this gig! The combinations of the oranges, browns and gold tie together the whole room and give us the perfectly cosy window setting, ideal for curling up with a book. I’d highly recommend making your own textiles next time as there really is something about putting your own efforts into a piece.




Revamp Restyle Reveal; Californian-inspired bedroom – I am also chuffed!

The Electronics

Those pesky little electronics – always working their way into the bedroom, eh? I tried to restrain myself after learning that was the headline sponsor for the challenge and I’ll give myself this, I did manage to convince JJP that a TV was not required for our room of rest.

One thing that I do enjoy on a weekend is blogging from the bed and in dire need of a new laptop, I chose to try out the Microsoft Surface Laptop which comes in a beautiful burgundy hue. Hey, the laptop needed to match my room scheme right? Having been an Apple baby for most of my existence, I’m pleasantly surprised at how easily I’ve adapted to the Surface – its sleek and sexy, and the touch screen feature sets it miles apart from anything else I’ve used.

Music is another extremely important factor in our lives and after spotting that Marshall was on the site, it was a no-brainer for me to bring more of the range into my life. We already own a speaker and are constantly moving it around the house, so after spotting the Marshall Stockwell portable wireless speaker, we both knew that a smaller option was needed. I love the fact it perches on the ledge and we can just grab it and go if needed. These speakers are actually weirdly life-changing in terms of listening to more music, plus they look and feel AMAZING. I thought this would also be the opportunity to try out the Wireless Headphones and again, the quality is stunning – Marshall is my new best friend. I’m so pleased with the three pieces we chose – it’s the perfect amount of tech for me.

There you have it. There’s my new Californian style bedroom. Do you think I managed to get an update on my original plan of Joan’s apartment? Follow my progress on YouTube here and find all the links to the RRR sponsors and bloggers below. NOW, on you go to the lovely Katty who I just know has got my favourite room of the whole challenge – THERE IS A WALL OF WOOD PANELLING PEOPLE. 


With thanks to Revamp Restyle Reveal’s fabulous sponsors:
AO | Maisons du Monde | David Hunt Lighting | Christy Home | The Cotswold Co. | Earthborn Paints | Harlequin at Style Library | Sainsbury’s Home |


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DISCLAIMER: This post contains links to products that have been gifted as part of Revamp Restyle Reveal. All choices were made on my own accord and all opinions are my own, AS ALWAYS. No payment was involved in this post.


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  2. Delali says:

    Yes Emma! This is gorgeous and so you, it looks fabulous.

  3. Kerry Lockwood says:

    Emma this is stunning, I love the colours that you’ve chosen and would never have thought to put them together but they look amazing. How on earth did you manage to get such perfect stripes! You’ve really transformed the space. Your landlords are very lucky xx

    • Thanks Kerry – to be honest, it was a little bit of a fluke as even I didn’t put them together visually. I absolutely adore the combination though. Look at us renters doing it for themselves, eh?!

  4. You’ve done such an incredible job Emma. Totally nailed that California vibe. I particularly love the stripes of paint around the top of the walls, simple but so effective.

    Vikki xx

  5. Bianca Hall says:

    I love it Emma! Such gorgeous colour combos and even I can get on board with those oranges. Yum! Gorgeous work! Xx

  6. This is such an amazing bedroom. I love rooms which totally reflect the owner and this is so you! Cute dog aswell which always gets a thumbs up from me!

  7. Meera says:

    LOVING the retro vibes here! ???????????? The stripes are fab, as are all the other details. Well done on the sewing, the cushions look beautiful! Can’t imagine how you’d ever want to leave this room now ????

    • Thanks Meera! <3 I'm so pleased we decided to do the cushions ourselves, it just feels so much more special. I definitely have a date with me bedroom this weekend! x

  8. Anna says:

    Pretty blooming special Emma! those stripes! LOVE it XXXXX

  9. […] first of all, hello to any of you hopping your way from the fabulous Emma Jane!  Thanks for sending everyone my way and I hope you all enjoyed her amazingly chilled out sleep […]

  10. Ermahgahd, Em. I am in love with these pictures. And you got your dog to do yoga for the blog? AWARD-WINNING.

  11. Ruthie says:

    Love your Makeover Emma, such a lovely relaxed vibe and those stripes are brilliant xx

  12. This is soooooooo good. Really inspiring. Got me thinking, could I really sew my own cushions!

  13. […] Pair with likeminded clay colours like Humpty Dumpty or Flower Pot for a truly laid back vibe (a la @Emma Jane Palin)… […]

  14. I’m going to say it. This is my favourite makeover of the season! So much personality. And extra points for using reds and pinks in a bedroom and make it look stunning (something I wouldn’t have thought of).

    • Thanks Juan! I guess that’s why we absolutely love it so much as it’s just both of our personalities in a nutshell. Still the best place in the house to retreat to!

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