November 28, 2017

The Print Hunter | Decorating with Desenio

With my office reveal coming your way very very soon, I’ve been on the hunt for some ace frames to bring together my gallery wall. I’ve previously swayed towards the IKEA Ribba frames due to their chunky aesthetic but with a gallery wall in mind, I know that it’s important to have variations with frame sizing, colours and materials to add depth and interest within the wall.

DISCLAIMER: This post will make you want to spend money. Don’t blame me, blame the game and get your wallets ready because the code “emmajanepalin” gives 25% off posters* between 28th – 30th November.
 *Except for handpicked-/collaboration posters and frames

After a good hunt online and a research on the pages of some of my favourite bloggers (here’s looking at you Sarah Akwisombe, Fabric of My Life and Hannah in the House), I came across Desenio – a popular wall art destination with a particular focus on Scandinavian style.

A range of the prints that made and nearly made the EJP shortlist. Desenio offers a great range of atmospheric and beautiful imagery.

Now, I told ya that I was looking for frames, of which Desenio have plenty, but they also caught me with their prints and you know, you can never have too many, even in the EJP abode where the walls are pretty much bursting. I had a clear aesthetic in mind when it came to art in the office. MAINLY PINK. But also sophisticated and empowering, without too much of the motivational cliche. Black and white photography mixed with illustrations of women and a few slogans for good measure – now that’s what I’m talking about. If there is one thing I must say it’s that Desenio has a particularly good selection of black and white prints ranging from images of beautiful women to landscapes to abstract brushstrokes and botanical photography.

My office is still under wraps (did you see the office edit here?), so you’ll have to wait to see the shots in-situ, but I did do a little styling in the EJP loo and I have to say I quite like my chosen pieces there too. What do you think? Should I nab some more?


The ‘WHO ARE U’ poster giving off some serious kickass vibes and the trio shot together.

The ‘WHO ARE U’ poster felt like such a good reminder in a world where it’s easy to imitate. I think it’s my favourite out of the three and will forever make me stop and think, even if it’s just about whether I need a new slogan in my life. The ‘Body and Shadow 2’ was also an easy pick with the photograph actually coming as part of a series, two more of which might shortly be making their way to me. My final selection was the ‘Finger‘ poster which I thought was a great representation of how I feel most of the time when working – pink and powerful babe, pink and powerful.

And the frames? Well, they’re excellent and I think I’ll be purchasing them forever more. Five minutes after they were delivered, I’d pretty much finished getting all my prints secured and they didn’t leave my thumbs bleeding from the picking at those tiny metal bits you often see. They are relatively thick and use plexiglass meaning they can withstand a little bit of rough and tumble – I can even vouch for their survival after falling down the stairs as one of my brave frames so boldly did, without even a scratch. Better yet, they even came in minimal packaging which is something I’m always pleased to see. Who needs all that plastic? Take note amazon.



Starting to think the black and white works well with the dark & sultry bathroom in the EJP abode…

As an ambassador for affordable art in every household, I think Desenio is certainly on to something wonderful. With prints starting from as little as £2 and only really going up to £16 for most large prints, you can’t really argue that it’s not accessible. And what could make it even better? That cheeky 25% discount, of course. Just for you again (until 30th November 2017 anyway), the code is “emmajanepalin”. Don’t use it sparingly, m’kay?

The real disclaimer: This post was in collaboration with Desenio who kindly offered a voucher for part-payment of these prints and frames. All opinions and new obsession my own.


  1. Amazing, this is rellr cool concept for my office. So artistic!

  2. ngonhathuy says:

    Beautiful! I think i’ll need that for my room.

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