January 19, 2020

The EJP Abode | How to create a guest room to impress.

This post contains gifted items which are marked with an *asterisk.

One of the things we were looking for when we moved house again late last year was enough space to have multiple guests over. Living by the seaside makes way for our home acting as a little bit like a bed and breakfast over the summer months, and nobody achieves host with the most providing airbeds to their loved ones. Yes, I’ve been taking notes from Instant Hotel folks! Without further ado, here’s our latest EJP Abode makeover as well as tips on how you can create a killer guest room (albeit not literally) too.

boho morrocan bedroom
boho bedroom with moroccan paint palette
We chose to keep the walls white and add colour via creative hand-painted stripes and artwork.

Keep your colour scheme neutral.

A guest room should be a calming retreat for visitors to vacate to at the end of the day. While you don’t want to lose your own personal style completely, it’s important to remember that you might be welcoming people with different tastes to yours.

For this reason we opted to keep our guest room white, instead adding colour via some hand-painted details and carefully chosen accessories. I was so inspired by our trip to Morocco last year and the earthy-tones found in the riads and architecture, that I decided on a terracotta and pink colour palette with bright pops of emerald green. I also really wanted the EJP stripes to make a comeback, but this time I painted scallops on the second stripe which I think is a really playful (and pretty!) addition to the room. Sorry, there’s no tutorial here as you just need patience and a steady hand!

Get the look: Earthborn Paint in Freckle and Flower Pot (only tester pots required!) *

kingsize bed in moroccan boho bedroom
boho bedroom with rattan details
The Liana Kingsize bed from made.com is cosy but a real statement too.

Make it all about the bed.

It might be for one night only, but your guest’s sleep could be the difference between a good and bad mood the next day. The Liana bed from Made is understated but a stylish statement at the same time. Designed by sustainable design studio Sebastian Cox, its low frame and cocooning headboard are guaranteed to make your guests feel safe and sleepy. I know, because we’ve definitely stumbled into it after a night out before…you know, just to check it was suitable. We didn’t break the bank on a mattress as the bed won’t be in constant use , and this inexpensive style from John Lewis hasn’t had any complaints yet.

Get the look: Made Liana Double Bed *

boho bedroom with rust and teracotta colour palette
boho lighting
The green Habitat lamps are the perfect ode to Moroccan design, while the shell shade is an oder to Margate.

Choose your lighting carefully.

People often forget to provide suitable lighting in their guest rooms, simply leaving it at a ceiling light for a fuss-free approach. Think about what you might expect when staying somewhere. Everyone likes to wind down after a full day of exploring or socialising, so add in some bedside table lamps for guests to read or chat in bed. These green viper lamps designed by Luke Edward Hall for Habitat completely align with my Moroccan theme, and add that extra burst of colour that completes the look. Plus. no arguing for who needs to switch of the light.

Get the look: Habitat Luke Edward Hall Viper Lamp, Vintage Shell Lightshade

warm pink and orange boho bedroom
This soft pink linen set is so comfortable whatever the weather.

Go all out in bed linen.

This one isn’t hard to comprehend. I’ve slept in sticky slightly paper-ish bed linen before and it doesn’t make for a very sweet dreams. Good quality bed linen regulates your body temperature and stops you from feeling too cold or hot, ultimately improving your sleep. It’s linen all the way in our house and this eco-friendly and 100% natural bedding set from Made is breathable, hypoallergenic and incredibly resilient. Plus, I like it when it’s slightly crumpled which is great for my hatred of an iron. I topped it with an abstract throw, created in collaboration with Stoff Studio, to tie in all the warm colours elsewhere in the room.

Get the look: Made Brisa Dusty Pink Washed Linen Bedding* & Zola Woven Throw*

Cushions will help to make your guests feel at home!

Keep it cosy.

What’s a bedroom without cushions, eh? Not a bedroom in my opinion. A few cushions will mean that your guests are ready to receive brekkie in bed in the morning, or just a cuppa while they fully wake up. Mix and match styles to add colour, texture and some volume to your bed.

Get the look: Made Wespa Cushions (Set of 2), Made Orko Tufted Cushion, Made Julius Round Cushion

candles and incense on pink love tray
shell trinket box and sarcastic plate
It’s those little details that people notice when they come to visit!

Add personal touches.

I like to see personality when I visit other homes, and I spend a lot of time curating my spaces to show both mine and JJP’s sense of humour and style. I wanted to represent our love of travel in the guest room, and of course our beachside location, so the addition of shell trinkets, polaroids from our adventures and a sarcastic plate from Dan Jamieson were essential. I also curated some of my favourite books for guests to peruse and my favourite candles, as well as a couple of card games for people to play should we be sleeping in…

Get the look: Miller Harris Jane Birkin Candle, Haeckels Incense

gallery wall above rattan bench
boho gallery wall with orange details
Our guest room is quite spacious so we also added a seating area to chill.

Make the most of extra space.

Don’t leave empty space in your guest bedroom or you’ll end up with an austere looking space. We’re lucky enough to have quite a large guest room which meant that we could also incorporate a seating area. In keeping with the Moroccan boho theme of the room, I added a cane bench but made it modern with a vintage perspex coffee table picked up on Facebook Marketplace. A small gallery wall with some of my favourite artwork completes the look, and quite frankly, I might just have to spend more of my time hanging in this area.

Get the look: Prints from Telegramme, Hotel Magique and YSL Museum in Marrakech.

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  2. Kate says:

    I love that bedframe so much, def one I’m considering for my home. Love how you’ve styled this room – hopefully I get to see it in the flesh one day.. xx

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