July 16, 2019

Liana, I love you: The affordable designer collection that screams boho!

The Liana collection by Sebastian Cox for MADE is a modern boho dream.

If you thought my obsession for natural materials has waned over the last few months, you’d be well and truly wrong. The need for rattan is very much still here and no fella (or Instagram poll for that matter) is going to tell me otherwise. There’s just something about the material that instantly makes me feel at home, and I can’t deny that when the shapes nod to mid-century design, I’m instantly sold. 

I recently discovered the Liana collection from MADE; a collection designed by British-based design studio and interior crowd-favourite Sebastian Cox. Is it me or are these rattan collections just getting stronger and stronger? Known for its modern craftsmanship, Sebastian Cox have created a wardrobe, cabinet, bedside table, bed and dressing table celebrating the beauty of natural materials. That means rattan combined with soft ash to create every modern bohemian’s dream furniture collection. I’ll take it all for my future home, what about chu?

Boho bedroom furniture collection designed by Sebastian Cox. Bed features woven and rattan details.
MADE’s Liana Bed is the perfect place to spend eight hours, no?

Liana King Size Bed, Ash & Rattan // £799

Sleeping is one of my favourite pastimes and this kingsize Liana bed looks like the perfect place to spend a Sunday morning. The ash details combined with the woven rattan headboard keep the look understated with a touch of retro. Add a plush linen duvet and you’ll be on your way to the land of nod in no time at all.

Boho bedroom furniture collection designed by Sebastian Cox. Double wardrobe features woven and rattan details.
There’s hanging space and shoe storage in this statement rattan wardrobe.

Liana Double Wardrobe, Ash & Rattan // £699 

Cox has a strong focus on modern woodworking and the double wardrobe in the Liana collection is the perfect example of a soft aesthetic that’s strong too. The statement piece features the woven rattan detailing but has the stylish addition of cut out handles. If the wardrobe isn’t your bag, there’s also a cabinet version which features inner shelves and drawers for a functional touch – ideal for a bigger bathroom or office space.

Boho bedroom furniture collection designed by Sebastian Cox. Dressing table features woven and rattan details.
Get ready in style with this minimal woven dressing table.

Liana Dressing Table, Ash & Rattan // £379 

If I made dressing tables, they would look like this. Simple and modern with a fitted mirror and concealed drawer, this minimal rattan take is crafted from natural timber ash. It’s petite too, so perfect for small rented spaces.

Has bedtime reading ever looked so good?

Liana Bedside Table, Ash & Rattan // £179

Bedside tables are a little bit underrated in my opinion. I love the way they add symmetry to a room and this table is simple, functional and space-saving. With the rattan detailing on both sides, this understated bedside table has been elevated with a touch of the good stuff. Cannot wait for the next rattan range…

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  1. Anna says:

    When would they be back in stock? I know that made.com doesn’t exist anymore but maybe they will show up again on next.co.uk, please 🙏

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