July 18, 2019

7 Simple updates you can make to a rented bathroom.

Paid partnership with B&Q
Find out my plans for our rented bathroom and 7 simple updates you can make to your own rental using the B&Q GoodHome Bathroom Range.

If there’s one room in a rented house that’s hard to make your own, it’s the bathroom. I always think that when it comes to this, you either luck out, or you don’t. I’ve had both: my dream bathroom and my worst nightmare. At the moment, I’ve got a room that’s neither here nor there. It’s a typical rental with grey panelled walls and bog standard fittings. There’s a lack of storage and the mirror is neither pretty or functional. There’s a lot of dead space which could be put to better use and there’s a distinct lack of any kind of personality.

Making updates to your rented bathroom is easier than you might think. It used to be all about accessories but the market is changing and gearing itself more towards renters and those with small spaces. Remember, around a fifth of the UK’s population are now in rented accommodation, and the number is rising resulting in brands taking a different approach to home renovations.

When B&Q approached me about working with their new GoodHome bathroom range, I was pleased to see how considered they’d been to those of us with a penchant for interiors but still with a contract to adhere to. The idea is the range has made home improvement accessible for everyone and the simple solutions can be used in most everyday bathrooms. I’ve set about redesigning my own compact bathroom with the range to demonstrate how easy it is to do it yourself.

The EJP rented bathroom plans.

With the bathroom one of the main places I like to relax, my design scheme for our rented bathroom is very laid back with just a little bit of pattern and colour to satisfy my need for something a little different. A strong geometric tile paired with blues, whites and natural oak as well as powder coated white accessories and plenty of rattan (c’mon, it’s me you’re talking to here)! Blues and greens have a calming effect on the mind and also bring a sense of nature – don’t worry, there’s plans for a whole lot of plant action too! 

Find out my plans for our rented bathroom and 7 simple updates you can make to your own rental using the B&Q GoodHome Bathroom Range.

Get the look:

GoodHome Nantua Natural & White Shelving Unit // £85
B&Q Boston Fern // £4
GoodHome Ladoga Gloss White Bathroom Cabinet & Basin // £140
GoodHome Bathroom Clontarf Soft Sheen Emulsion Paint 2.5L // £16
GoodHome Bathroom North Pole Soft Sheen Emulsion Paint 2.5L // £16
GoodHome Koros White Wall-mounted Toilet Roll Holder // £8
GoodHome Poprock Blue Mosaic Effect Self-adhesive Vinyl // £13 per 1.3m² Pack
GoodHome Koros Wall mounted Powder Coated Towel Ring // £8
B&Q Butterfly Palm // £34
GoodHome Nantua Natural & White Trolley // £47
Find out my plans for our rented bathroom and 7 simple updates you can make to your own rental using the B&Q GoodHome Bathroom Range.

As well as mood-boarding my design, I also had a little play around on B&Q’s Plan My Bathroom feature. This design tool allows you to plot the dimensions of your bathroom and add in furniture from the GoodHome range. If you want to see how your bathroom will handle certain pieces of furniture, this feature is a great way to do so. Plus, you can also play around with colours which might inspire you to go for something completely different! Discover how you can get the most out of your space with the different products and decor combinations – even if it’s just for fun!

How you can improve your rented bathroom.

As I chug on with my own bathroom revamp, I wanted to offer some advice + tips to you guys for helping to update your rented bathroom. Take these 7 simple updates to help improve your bathroom on a budget and with little clean-up effort when it’s time to move out. Who knows? The landlord might even want to keep your changes after this…

Paint the walls.

A lick of paint goes a long way and a simply updating the wall colour of your bathroom can give an instant refresh. Always ask your landlord first and give them specifics of the colour you’ll be going for. If you know what you’re doing, they’re more likely to say yes! When it comes to picking a hue, choose a colour that makes you feel rested. I’m a huge fan of the calming blues and greens in the B&Q GoodHome range (see shades Clontarf and Nice for my personal favourites).

Find out my plans for our rented bathroom and 7 simple updates you can make to your own rental using the B&Q GoodHome Bathroom Range.

Pick freestanding furniture. 

You don’t want to invest too much into a room that’s not truly yours, so opt for freestanding furniture that you can take with you wherever you go. The GoodHome Nantua and Ladoga ranges are perfect for renters thanks to their beautiful simplicity and streamlined finish. 

Make the most of ceiling height with the Nantua Natural & White Shelving Unit – it’s white lacquer finish and oak details will fit with a range of styles from boho to minimal. Plus, it features four adjustable shelves which give you the option of choosing the right height for all of your bathroom storage needs. If you’re low on space and storage but have a freestanding sink, the Ladoga Vanity Unit fits neatly under your basin, making the most of under-used space and also has adjustable interior shelves. It’s all about working with the layout you have to integrate storage into the room in a natural way.

Find out my plans for our rented bathroom and 7 simple updates you can make to your own rental using the B&Q GoodHome Bathroom Range.

Stick on your tiles. 

Have you got an awful floor that you can’t abide by? Or perhaps you simply want to make a feature out of a backsplash in a plain bathroom? Self-adhesive stick on tiles could be the answer for you. Whether you’re looking to create a statement backsplash area or jazz up your flooring, self-adhesive tiles are easy to install on any clean and smooth surface and can be removed at the end of your rental with no damage. The GoodHome Poprock range includes a number of styles to suit any interior and is a simple and cost effective way to update the style of your rented bathroom.

Opt for storage on wheels.

As a renter you should know the importance of storage on wheels! Being able to move furniture around is ideal for storage with multiple uses. This Nantua trolley is extremely versatile as it can be wheeled around wherever you need it in the room. The open shelves make it effortless to store your bathroom items while also looking pretty too. I’d add plants to match the minimal aesthetic!

Choose a multi-functional mirror.

One of the main issues with rented bathrooms is that they tend to be small. You need to think cleverly about your storage options and purchasing multi-functional pieces is a great way to maximise your space. Buy a mirror that acts as a cupboard too and make your morning pouting functional. The Imandra Mirrored Wall Cabinet comes in a range of sizes and is sustainably sourced – perks!

Find out my plans for our rented bathroom and 7 simple updates you can make to your own rental using the B&Q GoodHome Bathroom Range.

Use accessories that don’t need screws!

Get a hanging or mounted shower caddy: tuck away toiletries and de-clutter your shower with bathroom accessories designed to fix to the walls. Small space? No problem. The Koros range of accessories is simple, slightly geometric in form and is available in a number of different finishes. The hooks come with 3M strips so if drilling into the walls isn’t an options (which it likely isn’t), you can fix your accessories without damaging anything.

If in doubt, add plants.

Plants make people happy, right? House plants can contribute to a feeling of well-being so filling your bathroom with the green stuff will help to bring a smile to your face every morning. Hang them from the ceiling if surface space is low, or opt for bigger palms if you have a little more room to play with. 

Disclaimer: This is a paid partnership with B&Q to inspire you to update your rented bathroom. All ideas + advice are my own and I’ve seen the GoodHome range in person and used in my own abode.

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