October 22, 2017

The Weekly Wall #008 | Berlin Special | Pulse by Tavar Zawacki


The Weekly Wall | #008 | Pulse by Tavar Zawacki

Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Nearest Station: Warschauer Straße


One of my favourite places to stop by in Berlin is the area surrounding Warschauer Straße due to the predominantly street art-filled walls and the gritty nature of the bars and clubs. I’ve passed Urban Spree many a time but always, unfortunately, found it closed due to my late-night trips.

On my last visit to Berlin I knew I had to make the effort to see it and with Tavar Zawacki’s ‘Metamorphosis’ exhibition looking right up my street, we all made the trek (well the ten minutes) to see Zawacki’s giant patterned prints. Best known for his colourful abstract arrow compositions, social, and political stencils, and text-based ‘word play’ murals, Zawacki aimed to showcase a new style of work showing his own metamorphosis into the unknown.

To accompany the show, I was absolutely thrilled to see that Zawacki had also completed a mural on the Urban Spree site which is also filled with various other work from incredible street artists. The wall reproduces the ‘Pulse’ pattern, which also featured in prints within the exhibition, two times with one half-arrow on the top left-hand side and a right half-arrow on the bottom right-hand side pointing downwards.

It’s a very effective op-art outdoor piece, with 3D effects and optical illusions, notably in the middle of the piece. Of course, it wouldn’t have been the JP clan without us creating some kind of creative masterpiece and upon finding a pipe sticking out of the wall, JJP found himself balancing in a rather silly birthday pose. I’m pretty sure we should have conjured an Instagram challenge from it.

Unfortunately, the exhibition is now over but I reckon the wall mural could be around for a while – either way, you’re gonna find some great street art so I would highly recommend a visit!


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