October 29, 2017

The Weekly Wall | #009 | Huntoland, Carnaby Street


The Weekly Wall | #009 | Huntoland, Carnaby Street

Little Malborough Street, Soho, London W1F 7BH

Nearest Station: Oxford Circus

We’re back on another Sunday and that means one thing and one thing only in the EJP abode, it’s ‘The Weekly Wall’ time! This week I’m delving into the world of Carnaby Street, where colour, individuality and quality prevails with Carnaby championing many small businesses and always squeezing in a few painted walls where they can. For the last few months, the above wall in question was home to the wonderful work of Lakwena but for a seasonal shake-up Italian born, but London-based, street artist Renato Hunto has taken over the Little Malborough Street-situated wall with his signature bold and bright cubist style.

Hunto’s work is instantly recognisable upon viewing and you may have seen his pulchritudinous displays capturing attention in the likes of Walthamstow and around East London on hoardings and high in the sky. His work shows clear references to Pablo Picasso whom Hunto cites as being an inspiration to him from a young age. Intertwined themes of eroticism and human relationship unravel within his pieces with lips, hands and ears showcasing a sensual side to cubism.

It’s amazing to see a unique point of view it the graffiti world, merging the fine lines between fine art and street art, and capturing the essence of how we connect with one another. Hunto’s unique style is full of movement, daring colour combinations and bold lines – an EJP dream! Discover his work on Carnaby Street today and pop over to his Instagram to follow where he’s off to next.

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