November 12, 2016

The Thing I have with Walls & Floors | Top Ten Places for London Wall Art

Over on Instagram I’ve become a little well known for my obsession with the colourful walls and floors that adorn London. I’ve been asked many a time to create a little guide of my favourite London wall art and not being one to disappoint, I’ve done exactly that and I’ve even included some snazzy floors too.
Hopefully these babies will stick around for the foreseeable future so everyone can enjoy – I’ll try to update if they do a disappearing act and please do let me know if I’ve missed off an artist and you know who it is (I absolutely credit where possible but some of these dudes just don’t wanna be found).
I’m totally not sure why this post hasn’t come sooner but I only have Harriet from And Projects to thank for the nudge and inspiration – she’s a babe so go check her out for major interior envy and seriously cool DIY’s.

1 // The Geometric Galaxy

Coming in at number one is a brand new find in the heart of Notting Hill. Likelihood is you’ve already seen it from the Boden colour walk a few weeks ago (hence Natasha and I rushing to see it) but this baby is the perfect insta backdrop,  despite some people deciding to dump some junk right by it – who does that?! Tip: Don’t make like me and wear a splash of colour to ensure your outfit enhances the art.

Powis Gardens, Notting Hill, London W11 1JG

2 // The Botanical Baby 

After discovering Hixxy a.k.a Josephine Hicks in central London Cafe, Curators Coffee, it was great to connect over Instagram and see that the lady was also working on a mural with her bro in the heart of a historical Hackney estate. Commissioned by ISHA housing association, the mural is based on Loddiges nursery which was the UK’s first exotic plant nursery, pre-dating even Kew Gardens. This botanical creation is hidden away in perfect contrast to the surrounding housing but is merely a short walk away from the likes of Palm Vaults where the coffee cups go with it like a bee to honey.

Lyme Grove, London E9 6PX


3 // The Walala Walk

If only every pedestrian crossing could go through the Walala process, for life would be a happier place. This crossing on the ever so busy Southwark Street has been stopping traffic and distracting tourists since its debut at London Design Festival back in September – look both ways, kids! Walala really is the queen of colourful street art in London so do keep your eyes peeled on her Instagram as she’s likely to pop up elsewhere in the city relatively soon.

Southwark Street, London SE1 0HR (head for The Harlequin Building)


4 // The Olympic Swirl

Much to my surprise, my home turf is actually pretty darn good at pulling out the good wall card and this psychedelic piece stretches the whole way through an underpass between Stratford and Leyton. The ‘One Whirl’ installation was created to stop unwanted graffiti and captures the energy of the London 2012 games with a crystal inlay finish bringing some much needed colour and shine to the East. It’s been the source of many a shot for me and I can only hope that more local councils take note to turn dingy tunnels into massively fun places to lurk in.
Temple Mills Lane, London E10 5YA  

5 // The Broken Fingaz

Broken Fingaz never disappoints when it comes to street art and this new addition to the colourful Redchurch Street shows the pink and green should certainly always be seen. I love the way that their work tends to be a little gruesome and tongue-in-cheek yet you still get all the tourists and gals swooning over it. I mean we all love a well painted shirt, right?
Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DJ

6 // The Flash

Another day, another floor, and this time for pattern legends Eley Kishimoto. The Flash Crossings by The Dogstar in Brixton were another LDF addition but should be here for the foreseeable future, unless the abrupt stepping into the road for ‘shoefies’ gets complained about too much. Yellow, Red, Green or monochrome – which one will you choose?

Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW9 8LQ


7 // The Ever-changing Wall

It seems as this wall piece by Broadway market gets a new lease of life every few months with new additions being added and removed. However, the yellow and black line work seems to remain and quite frankly is my favourite part. Imagine having your front door within this line work baby, sounds like a plan to me.

Ada Street, London E8


8 // The Knowledge of the Northcote 

Another little baby in my local area of Leyton. This mural by Wood Street Walls depicts everything right with feminism, hospitality and just plain doing it right in terms of owning a pub. ‘The Northcote welcomes all free thinkers, activists, feminists, movers and shakers. Our pub is your home’ is just the last phrase on this wise wall of words and when you can combine art with a G&T in a community-led venue, well why wouldn’t you?

Northcote Arms, 110 Grove Green Road, E11 4EL


9 // The Wild World

Although a little different from my usual graphic prints, this collaboration between Imagine Illustration and Steve McCracken is quite the surprise when wandering down Regents Canal. With only a small part of the wall featured above, this mural makes you stop and wonder what the hell is actually happening. Both illustrators seem to have a thing for visual messaging so delve inside their brains through the piece and interpret as you wish. If the verdict is undecided, just marvel at the use of monochrome paired with splashes of colour instead – you’re welcome.

Regent’s Canal Towpath, Kings Cross, London (head from Granary Square entrance)

London-Wall-Art-Tottenham Court-Road-Eduardo-Paolozzi

10 // Tottenham Court Road Tiles

Despite not technically being street art, the Tottenham Court Road tiling makes it on this list purely for its vastness and cultural history. The Eduardo Paolozzi designed mural is the perfect colour pop for the London commute and the main circular hall is one that needs attention, as much as  TFL try and whisk you around it. This has got to be one of the most inspired and celebrated Transport for London commissions but baffling as it may seem, people do still have the blinkers on and miss the Pop Art greatness – don’t be that person.

Tottenham Court Road Tube Station, Oxford St, Soho, London W1

Got a wall to add? Let’s do this. You can never have too many walls. NEVER. 


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