June 29, 2016

The Masters of Art | RCA Exhibition

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If you do one thing with your days off this weekend, make sure it’s a trip to the RCA graduate show. A multitude of design solutions await and let’s not forget that the V&A, Serpentine and glorious Royal Albert Hall are all just a stones throw away. 

With a housemate now enrolled at the famous institution, I was curious to see the space that I’d heard so much about and of course seen written about by Patrick on my very own blogSurprisingly enough, it was actually my first visit but thankfully I’m happy to say it won’t be my last. The array of talent was clear on arrival and after a day of being fearful about the referendum situation (hence the lack of posts this week) it was a relief to see the unity amongst students and the clear passion to change the world, be it with a humanitarian project or simply an artistic piece to bring a little joy to what seems to be a bit of a dark country at this moment in time.

My favourite project has to be that of Ailsa Sinclair (pictured above). You may have seen me post her piece on Instagram, along with a rather momentous caption about how we should be fighting with positive change – but that really is what design should be about isn’t it? Why should we sit back and stay quiet when we can express ourselves through creative means and actually perhaps have more of an impact on those who can’t comprehend more traditional ways of communication. 

Sinclair explores the positive attributes that often come with mental illness. Rather than a scale of cold words from a doctor, she has made her own set of terms and is challenging perception. By celebrating the positive attributes such as creativity, humour and divergent thinking, she’s de-stigmatising mental illness while providing us with some pretty kick ass neon signs to drool over. Needless to say everyone wanted a photo of this, so I hope the message also came across, although I’m sure with Ailsa’s eloquent description, it most certainly did. 

Ive included a little series of my favourites below but I challenge you to go an see them for yourselves, talk to the students and get inspired – who knows where the inspiration may lead to eh?


  1. I really hope I find some cash to visit this. I love graduate shows, there is always so much to inspire and enjoy 🙂

    Erin | art & bad dreams

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