July 21, 2016

The Everyday Isometric | Article by Steven Wilson at Unlimited

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Visiting Brighton is always a pleasure and I promise I’ve got more on that coming soon. For now though it’s pretty important that you all stop everything you’re doing and get down to one place and one place only – Unlimited Shop on Brighton’s Church Street.

A firm favourite of mine since discovering them mid 2015, Unlimited is a design duo consisting of the lovely Sara and Patrick who both offer their own aesthetic insight into the graphic world. Sara picks the goods and Patrick creates his own designs for the shop, working away in the back studio on special projects like the previously successful ‘Four Play’ collection. If you like a shop to feel like the owner has painted it with their personality, Unlimited Shop is for you. 

For 2016 the shop has taken on a new format where the focus moves from artist to artist, roughly every month. It’s an interesting take and by adding a more gallery like appearance to the shop, Unlimited have made themselves just that little bit different from your average design led store. Until 12th August, Steven Wilson is the man of the moment with his extraordinary everyday objects and massive visuals created especially for the Unlimited walls. While I do have to say the shop is looking a little more minimal than usual (and by minimal I mean the EJP version of minimal*), it’s still very much in keeping with the vibrant, pop art feel the store has come to be known for. 

Entitled ‘Article’, the small exhibition showcases a range of prints all based upon objects offering a sense of nostalgia or just something that has evoked some passion in Steven’s life. Think typewriters, polaroid cameras and bicycles through to guns, a vinyl player and an Anglepoise lamp – I’ve deliberately held back on photos as I think it’s important to explore the style on your own and see the beautiful isometric prints in their various colourways.

Wilson is local to Brighton after falling in love with it during his studies on the Brighton illustration course and it’s easy to see the popular culture references within his work. I can just imagine him rifling through Snoopers Paradise or the various other vintage stores on a quiet day and coming out with collections of objects and mementos to capture in his own signature style. Also featured within the show are his wonderfully psychedelic letters which are right up my street when it comes to typography and I’ll be sharing with you my own little print over on Instagram soon!

Unlimited have a whole host of exhibitions planned for the future so do check out the listings below and on their what’s on page to find out a little more. Why not sign up to their newsletter to find out more about opening nights? In the meantime I’ll get working on a full post for Brighton life and I’d love to hear your recommendations too!

* EJP definition of minimal | A smaller cluster of very eccentric things than the previous maximal appearance. Still uses colour where possible.

INFO: 10 Church Street, Brighton BN1 1US


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