April 28, 2020

Stay at home with Rachael of Bubbly Aquarius.

Welcome back to the next edition of “Stay at home with”, my new nosy (and remote) look into the lives of some of my favourite people. If you didn’t catch the first one with Mat and Hollie Spade, go and do so now, but if you did, permission to proceed granted.

girl in shirt and skirt in front of wooden console in her flat
Stay at home with Rachael, a lifestyle blogger and owner of vintage store Bonjour Vintage.

Next up on the list of people that allowed me to get full on cheeky in their inbox is Rachael of fashion and lifestyle blog Bubbly Aquarius and online vintage store Bonjour Vintage. I first met Rach at a blogger event in Margate last year, and having clung onto her for dear life through the mazes at Screamland, I knew we’d be firm friends. Alongside the very cool and fashionable exterior, Rachael is an absolute laugh, a northern soul and and someone you want to dance the night away with.

She lives with her boyfriend Brett (also a top lad) and the pair have been in their rented apartment in East London for 6 months now. The flat features an open plan living room and kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a balcony. Let’s explore shall we?

styled artwork and dried flowers on console
hallway consoles with rattan details
Rachael has filled her rented home with natural furniture, rattan details and pampas galore.

Let’s start with one that’s important right now. Can you tell me what home means to you?

Somewhere I love to be. I’m a real homebody and I spend a lot of time at home since I mostly work from home too. Sometimes me and Brett just sit on the couch discussing how much we love our flat.

How would you describe your interior style? As a fashion goddess, do you think your home reflects your wardrobe?

Very similar to my fashion style – a love of beige! I like minimal but not too minimal. I’d say it’s a Parisian/vintage/Scandi mis-match. I really love seventies style furniture and anything and everything rattan. I think you’d walk into my flat and be like “it’s very you” from looking at my instagram feed and what I wear. 

girl in feathered pyjamas on gray sectional sofa
styled ladder shelf
Rachael’s interior reflects her fashion sense. Think muted colours, slogans and tactile materials.

And on that note, do you have any wardrobe tips for us? I find storing my clothes impossible.

We are so lucky that we have two bedrooms so I basically have one as a wardrobe! We got the PAX wardrobes from IKEA which I find are great for organisation and making the most of a smaller space. 

How do add personality to your home while adhering to your tenancy agreement?

I think it’s definitely more difficult when you’re renting as you can’t necessarily paint the walls and do as much as you would if you owned it. For me I’d say it’s the little touches! Our flat was completely unfurnished, so we own all the furniture, which I think definitely helps add personality as it’s all exactly our style and reflects us. I also think adding art to the walls (we need to pull our fingers out and put up more ASAP!) makes it feel more “you” and we use Command strips so that we’re not putting holes in the wall – win win!

bedroom with gray bed, white linen and rust cushions
bedroom with vintage chest of drawers
Neutral earthy colours are the focus of Rachel’s bedroom.

Where are your favourite places to source furniture and decor?

I love eBay and charity shops when searching for vintage pieces. I also think John Lewis do amazing vintage inspired furniture and I’m a massive La Redoute fan because I am rattan OBSESSED and they have a plethora of goodness on offer. For soft furnishings and decorative bits and bobs I love H&M Home, Amara Living and Trouva! 

pax wardrobe with bags and clothing rail
PAX wardrobes from IKEA house Rachael’s many clothes!

And if you had to choose your dream interior item, what would it be?

This Soho Home rattan chair of my dreams:  https://www.sohohome.com/kimani-cane-chair.html

**EJP NOTE** I’ll take one of those too please.

We like to champion small businesses around here. Tell me a place that everyone absolutely must go and check out RIGHT NOW.

Att Pynta!

**EJP NOTE** These guys do beautiful Scandinavian-inspired homeware.

What do you think of Racheal’s home? Follow her over at @bubblyaquarius for more Parisian chic style and lifestyle content. For more interior inspiration, colour clashing and general life admin, check out the rest of my blog. Follow me on InstagramPinterest and Twitter for more EJP in your life.


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