April 24, 2023

12 of the best rattan beds you can buy right now!

Disclaimer: This rattan bed post contains affiliate links which are marked with an *. Purchasing via an affiliate link means I make a small commission as a thank you for referring you. These posts take a lot of time to research so I appreciate you using them where possible.

It’s no secret that my love for rattan extends beyond conservatory furniture and lampshades. Give me a rattan bed, rattan sofas, a bedside table, an accent chair. I mean, dear readers, I designed my own rattan collection thanks to my love for the naturally growing vine.

For me, rattan as a material is as versatile as magnolia once (apparently) was to rental homes. You can add texture, natural patterns and bring the outdoors in. Plus, it works with a number of design styles. From odes to all things retro ,to dreamy French styling, there’s no aesthetic that it doesn’t seamlessly sink right into.

If you’re looking to create a statement in your bedroom, a rattan bed is the ideal place to start. Strong, practical and oh-so visually pleasing, I adore them to the point that I happen to have two of my own. Thankfully for you, what I have in abundance, hasn’t stopped me from peeking at others on the market, and today I bring to you my rattan bed edit. Featuring rattan headboards for the apprehensive to invest and showstoppers for those ready to splurge, I think all four posts have been covered. Sweet dreams fellow rattan lovers.

Canoga Double Rattan Bed* | Urban Outfitters | £649

  • Rattan bed in boho bedroom with pink curtains and neutral bed linen
  • empty rattan bed in white room
  • close up detail of rattan bed
  • close up of rattan bed detail
  • close up of rattan bed

The Canoga double rattan bed from Urban Outfitters is what I would class as a classic rattan bed – think the peacock chair in sleep-approved form. The nature-inspired piece features a bent rattan base with intricate cage detailing on both the headboard and the footboard, thus elevating it from basic territory and into something a little more statement. I envision it in a loft-like space where boho and industrial vibes meet.

Oscar Cane & Oak Bed* | Soho Home | £2195

  • mid-century rattan bed with grid linen
  • mid-century rattan bed with grid linen
  • detail of mid-century rattan base board
  • front view of mid-century rattan bed
  • side view of mid-century rattan bed

Known for exclusivity and bourgeois taste, it comes as no surprise that Soho House would feature on this list and the Oscar oak and cane bed does not disappoint on these USPs. Inspired by Soho House Berlin, the king-sized bed is crafted from a woven rattan headboard and footboard that are curvy in all the right places. If you’re a lover of mid-century design and rattan, this is the bed for you. Pair with the Oscar dresser for a coordinated look, or shake things up with colour and pattern. This bed can handle anything, I’m sure of it.

Saghil Rattan Cane Bed* | La Redoute | £1650

  • rattan cane bed with cane beside tables in boho bedroom
  • detail of rattan cane bed with cane beside tables
  • rattan cane bed with cane beside tables styled with rust bed linen and sheer canopy
  • rattan cane bed with cane beside tables styled in mid-century home
  • detail of rattan cane bed with cane beside tables

Short on space? The Saghill rattan bed is a small-space design solution that integrates bed, headboard and bedside tables in a single structure – all rattan of course.. Best paired with simple wall hung lights and similarly organic textures, this multi-purpose rattan bed will bring a slice of the Mediterranean straight to your abode. No holiday necessary when this is in your basket, folks.

Heatherfield King Bed* | Anthropologie | £1998

  • Rattan bed with curved caning headboard and velvet upholstered frame
  • Rattan bed with curved caning headboard and velvet upholstered frame
  • side view of Rattan bed with curved caning headboard and velvet upholstered frame
  • Rattan bed with curved caning headboard and velvet upholstered frame

Cane gets classy with this velvet and rattan bed from Anthropologie. The elegantly curved headboard is perhaps an indication that size does in fact matter, while the luxe silver velvet wraps around the base, making it particularly well-suited for a contemporary bedroom. For those that love off-white, taupes and muted pinks, this could well be your perfect match.

Nadia Handwoven Rattan Double Bed Frame* | Habitat | £610

  • rattan bed with colourful decor and palm tree rug
  • side view of rattan bed
  • front view of rattan bed
  • view of rattan bed
  • detail of rattan headboard

The seventies called and it wants its bed back. That’s the Nadia handwoven double bed from Habitat if you’re looking to intercept. Designed in house at Habitat by Matt Long, the Nadia combines rattan stems in different thicknesses for a light and airy design with a distinctive shape. Both the headboard and footboard wrap around the mattress to form a distinctive design detail and the low profile is sure to bring your dream retro vision to life. Priced on the lower end for a bed, this is my top buy for those looking to buy a rattan bed on a budget.

Margot French Bed | Loaf | £945

  • Oak French bed with rattan headboard
  • close up of rattan headboard
  • Close up detail of oak French bed with rattan headboard
  • Oak French bed with rattan headboard

Not every rattan bed has to be a throwback to free love and flower power and the Margot bed by Loaf is here to prove it. Could it be any more French country chic? The solid oak piece has been given a weathered finish with a simple but ever-so-slightly ornate shape to the rattan headboard. What are you waiting for? This one is waiting for a lazy Sunday morning eating croissants and listening to jazz.

Caroline Double Canopy Rattan Bed* | Urban Outfitters | £999

  • rattan canopy bed with neutral styling
  • rattan canopy bed
  • detail of baseboard of rattan canopy bed
  • rattan canopy bed
  • detail of rattan canopy bed

**The Caroline Canopy Bed has entered the chat.** Taking four poster beds to a whole new level, this canopy bed is crafted from rattan and mahogany wood in a natural finish, and it’s one hundred percent ready for your boho bedroom of dreams. While the caged top is made for winding through floating fabrics, lighting or acting as a design detail in its own right, the base board provides an interesting aesthetic that you’ll want to show off. If you’re working with high ceilings, or a larger space, this rattan bed is sure to provide the impact you’ll need at a relatively affordable price.

Hasker Rattan Bed | Soho Home | £2295

  • Rattan and cane bed with curved headboard and organic styling
  • Rattan and cane curved headboard
  • Soho Home rattan and cane bed with curved headboard
  • Detail of Rattan and cane bed with curved headboard
  • Wooden leg of Rattan and cane bed

Back on the sophisticated Soho Home train, the Hasker bed is a lesson in laidback style. Referencing the rattan and cane furniture in the bedrooms at Soho House Mumbai, the bed features a gently curved ash headboard with cane panel inserts and pure linen base. Dreamy! The low timber legs have been finished with a tip of brass, ensuring that no part of this bed is left feeling unconsidered. Drape it in layers of linen and wool to add to the luxury, opting for neutral tones to keep it calm, or adding pops of mustard and purple for a bold approach.

Rattan Bed Frame* | John Lewis & Partners | £599

  • Natural rattan and cane oak bed styled with neutral bed linen
  • Black rattan and cane oak bed styled with neutral bed linen
  • natural rattan and cane bed
  • Black rattan and cane oak bed styled with neutral bed linen
  • detail of natural rattan and cane bed
  • side view of black rattan and cane bed

John Lewis & Partners is well known for its quality pieces at affordable price points and having seen this rattan bed frame in-person many a time, I can vouch that it’s no exception. The curved cane headboard of this bed frame leaves no room for losing pillows and while it’s simple in shape, it’s still a beautiful way to add texture to your bedroom. Available in both natural oak and a stark black, its a versatile piece that will work with an abundance of design decor.

Margot Rattan Bed* | Dunelm | from £699

  • Black and natural cane rattan bed with fluted wall
  • detail of black and natural cane rattan bed
  • Black and natural cane rattan bed with fluted wall
  • detail of black rattan bed
  • detail of black and natural cane rattan bed

Back with a graphic contrasting approach is the Margot bed from Dunelm. The curved rattan headboard is ideal for adding a touch of sophistication to your bedroom, while the black oak keeps it super fresh. I’d love to see this incorporated into a more colourful setup – think hot pink Barbiecore walls – so that the black frame can really pop.

Willow King Bed* | Urban Outfitters | £659

  • Rattan and navy bobbin bed with patterned bed linen
  • Rattan and navy bobbin bed
  • navy bobbin bed leg detail
  • Rattan and navy bobbin bed

Bobbins have been doing the rounds in the interior world and Urban Outfitter’s Willow number is where they’ve met their match with a 70s-style woven cane headboard. What a treat. This statement sleeping arrangement will look beautiful when paired with other natural textures, but could also be taken in daring directions, should you wish to decorate outside the box.

Asri Rattan Headboard* | Habitat | £245

Not able to commit to a new bed? Looking to update a divan or existing headboard situation? The Asri Rattan Headboard from Habitat could be exactly what you’re looking for, particularly if you’re renting or on a serious budget. Inspired by flower petals, the design features fluid rattan with organic curves and is sure to add a nature-inspired touch to your bedroom. Team it with tonal bed linen and add some jungle-inspired accessories to really bring out its wild side.

What’s your dream rattan bed? For more interior inspiration, colour clashing and general life admin, check out the rest of my blog. Follow me on InstagramPinterest and Twitter for more EJP in your life.


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