April 5, 2020

This minimal apartment has the BEST use of colour!

It’s been a little while since I shared one of my apartment crushes – and for that I’m sorry – but when I stumbled across this beautiful minimal apartment, I knew that I had to share it with you lot. I guess we’re all taking a closer look at our homes right now (say no more), so some Pinterest daydreamin’ won’t go amiss. Go ahead, see for yourself.

white living room with navy panelling and mustard sofa
A mustard sofa pops against white walls with navy blue panels.

Designed by French interior design studio, Heju, this minimal apartment uses just the right amount of colour to help bring a little energy to the design scheme. I always try to put into words how my love of colour differs from being a maximalist colour enthusiast, but I feel that this abode has hit the nail on the head. Colour in the right places, sparingly, and mixed with just a smidge of pattern and design details.

minimal apartment with eclectic details
A strong use of colour with white as a background continues into the open plan kitchen space.

Japanese and Scandinavian influences play a huge part in Heju’s design style. While white is the basis of all their projects, they bring colour into accentuate certain details and to add contrast between light and dark. The dark navy panelling shown in the living room is the perfect example of this at work, with the addition of a mustard yellow sofa to add an extra pop of vibrancy. Note the soft pale pink ceiling. These subtle additions of colour make all the difference to make the space more welcoming.

minimal blue and pink kitchen with terrazzo counters
minimal kitchen with orange terrazzo worktops
The two-tone kitchen stretches along one wall of the open plan living space.

The understated pink theme continues into the open plan kitchen area where two tone cabinetry creates an effortlessly cool ambience. The classic Haussmannian apartment was reorganised in order to obtain a more contemporary plan with the kitchen being opened up to work cohesively with the living areas.

This isn’t a huge kitchen by any street of the imagination, yet the teal and pink two-tone cabinetry against the white walls creates a feeling of space. Oh so dreamy. The addition of an orange speckled terrazzo worktop (*adds straight to dream worktop list*) is subtle but impactful . The existing fireplace was kept as a design feature, topping it with a large antique mirror and adding some personal touches via unique decor.

fluted storage in white living space
A reeded glass cabinet looks after all the dinnerware.

It is elements such as this that highlight Heju’s commitment to working with the story of a residence. While the design seems contemporary at first glance, there are plenty of timeless elements incorporated that speak to the original design of the building. They favour natural materials that age over time and light wood species such as this chevron wooden floor. That’s not to say that they aren’t trend-led occasionally though. Let’s just take a moment to swoon over that reeded glass cabinet.

minimal bedroom with yellow ombre wall
A yellow ombre walls adds some wow factor to the simply styled bedroom.

In the bedroom, things have once again been kept simple, but with an element that steals the show. The yellow ombre wall acts as a bold statement against the muted mint cabinetry. This combination of delicate pattern and colour creates a relaxing ambience, perfect for a place of rest and slumber.

minimal bedroom office with pink cantilever chair
Note to future self: buy a pink velvet cantilever chair.

Opposite, a built-in office space / dressing area makes the most of less square footage. Another burst of colour is welcomed via the pink velvet cantilever chair. Once again Heju have been clever, incorporating an interior window to make the most of natural light, although I do wonder about privacy on this occasion.

minimal gird bathroom
minimal pink and white bathroom with terrazzo flooring
A pink, black and white bathroom reflects a minimal Memphis style.

Let’s finish the tour with my favourite room – the bathroom. When JJP passed his eyes over this, he said it reminded him of Camille Walala’s work and I couldn’t agree more. Heju worked up a minimal Memphis theme with a black and white checkerboard on the floor mixed bordering a grey terrazzo.  The white tiles and black grout create a grid-like pattern on the wall while the wooden accents soften the look. I’ll just let you take that in…

Hélène Pinaud and Julien Schwartzmann founded Heju Studio in 2014 after meeting on the benches of the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Strasbourg in France. For more of their work visit >> heju.fr

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  1. Completely agree with you. The bathroom is also my favourite room! And it looks so easy to clean (gotta think practically).

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