November 17, 2017

The Wonders of a Woman | Milk Tooth LDN x Maria-Ines Gul


Maria-Ines Gul’s initial illustrations for the Milk Tooth LDN collection

It’s been a right old year for brands stealing work from illustrators, hasn’t it? So when a great collaboration comes along with a fashion brand and an illustrator we should be screaming it from the rooftops, right? RIGHT!

Thankfully I’ve got one for ya. Statement jewellery brand Milk Tooth LDN has joined forces with renowned illustrator Maria-Ines Gul (known for her role as an illustrator at Rookie Magazine and commissions for the likes of Gucci, Farfetch and New York Times), to create a collection of semi-precious earrings, celebrating all things female.


Ernestina of Milktooth LDN and Maria busy making decisions

If you haven’t heard of Milk Tooth LDN, well, first off, where have you been? Already a firm favourite amongst a lot of the London fash-pack, Milk Tooth LDN was created in 2016 by husband and wife team, Ernestina and Mark Potts. Having seen a gap in the market for beautiful and unique yet accessible jewellery, the duo launched their debut series ‘The Pluralist Collection‘ in May 2017, having previously specialised only in standout vintage pieces. They’re even based in Leyton, and we all know I bloody love Leyton.

The latest collection has arisen over a meeting of minds – one of those times when you meet someone and your interests, aesthetics and life goals align. After being introduced to Maria during celebrations for International National Women’s Day 2017, Ernestina and Maria bonded over their mutual appreciation for avant-garde fashion and design.


The poem that inspired the collection

The duo came together to write a poem based on the female form and Maria created illustrations to accompany it which then, in turn, became designs for the earrings. The result is ten unique earring designs, each 24-carat gold plated, comprising of feminine symbols featuring obvious associations such as faces and body forms to feminine and organic objects such as keys, shells and flowers. The collection is a fusion of Maria’s thoughtful shapes with Milk Tooth LDN’s signature bold and abstract finishes.

I’ve seen the collection first hand and I can vouch for the vibrancy and vigour of it, as well as the beautiful gold detailing. Although they look big, they’re super lightweight and bring that extra snazz to any outfit. I’m personally in love with the Cloud style earrings that feature a long squiggle drop style with pink and red accents.


Sketches and the final collection!

‘For me statement earrings are an empowering way to embrace and celebrate the brilliance of being a women, so it was a natural inspiration for the collection. Maria’s distinctive and beautiful illustrations make thoughtful and witty comments on feminism, which instantly felt right.’

~ Ernestina Potts of Milk Tooth LDN


The gorgeous branding of the collection

We’re always after the bold and bright at EJP, especially when it comes to earrings, and of course I personally always choose to champion women. A number of pieces in this particular collection (if not all of it) have been added to my birthday and Christmas wishlists. If there’s any family reading, you know what to do.

To shop the range visit or – the shopping platform co-founded by Alexa Chung.

Which pair is your favourite? Will you be seeing in Christmas festivities with a pair of these on your ears? Tell me all about it!


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