February 14, 2019

EJP On: How interiors can improve your mental state and make you more productive.

This is a Paid Partnership with Velux, creators of the finest roof windows.

I’m the first to admit that I’m picky when it comes to housing. My surrounding environment seriously affects my mindset and in turn the state of my health. I’ve been known to wallow in my sorrows if a space bothers me visually. As a renter that makes house hunting hard, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that someone else’s home probably isn’t going to be the perfect one for me (although the current EJP abode does a good job of almost nailing it). It’s one of my goals for this year to talk about improving properties more and imploring estate agents and landlords to become more tuned in to how they can improve the quality of living with just a few tricks.

A few weeks ago the world’s leading manufacturer of roof windows, VELUX, got in touch with me to ask if I would share some tips for their audience on creating a space that you’ll love. I was happy to oblige and when they sent me through some of the imagery, it was too beautiful not to share with you, alongside the tips too. When I was little, one of my good friends lived in a loft and I spent most of my childhood pining for my own attic room. I probably should have guessed then that interiors was destined to be in my future, as well as some roof windows at some point of my life.

While the real loft living aesthetic is still a little way away for myself, even at the ripe age of 28, it’s certainly the dream to be able to further my with some roof windows in the not-so-distant future. Natural light is likely the main point that I can attribute to improving productivity. The look and feel of your interiors can be vastly improved by the addition of some good ol’ rays and not only does good lighting improve your mood generally but it also enhances your décor too, especially if like me, you’re a sucker for a boho look. Higher light levels lend vibrancy to your color palette and illuminate furnishings, giving your home a more instagram-friendly and work-mode-ready mood.

Renovating and improving our homes is a good emotional investment. Want to know how to make it work in your abode? Follow my top tips on creating a space you’ll love and improving your mental state via your interiors.

Consider the layout of your room.

When it comes to creating the perfect space for you, practicality is often key. You need to consider the layout of a room, from where you enter to where heating, lights and furnishings are positioned to ensure maximum convenience and impact. Making the most of natural light is vital, especially if it’s a home office or bedroom; you need that light to feel revived, restored and productive. If you’re installing roof windows, think about how you can place them to make the most of the feature. For example, by placing a roof window over a kitchen table, you can ensure you are always dining under the stars.

Let in the light.

By investing in roof windows, you’re guaranteed an abundance of natural light no matter which what your house is facing. You are literally ensuring that you have maximum happiness levels throughout the day. While I know I need plenty of natural light while working at home, I’m also secretly dreaming of one over my bed to enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets with JJP.

Make a feature with paint.

Y’all know how I love a good wall mural and this is the perfect excuse to get creative with your paintbrush. Think creatively, even if the result involves the same colour. Bright colours such as yellow and orange are known to help boost your productivity, while blues and pinks will help to calm you. Colours look different under different lighting, so it’s important that you assess your paint swatches in both natural and artificial lighting before taking the leap, but be brave and go for it. You won’t regret it.

Choose statement furniture pieces.

A great way to make a statement with your interiors is to introduce a main feature in to each of your rooms. This is something which should draw the eye and act as the centerpiece of a room, while still having a functional benefit. It could be anything from a magnificent kitchen island for your friends to sit at while you cook, to that dreamy statement sofa that you’ve been lusting after for months. You can enhance these features further with the introduction of a strategically placed roof window above to provide a natural flood lit effect.

If in doubt, add more plants.

Plants are the perfect way to boost energy levels and generally make you feel happier in your space. Group a variety of palms and succulents together for maximum impact and pop a few minimum fuss cacti around the house to add colour and interest. Oh, and what do plants need? Yes, lots of natural light. You can see where I’m going with this…

Don’t forget about the finishing touches.

Many homeowners forget about the things that make the house a home when it comes to interiors. You want a place where you can relax and unwind; one that gives you a hug when you get back from work and allows you to enjoy the space. Improve the comfort of your home by adding soft furnishings around a room. A thick rug, soft blanket and pile of downy pillows will add texture and colour to a space. Layering is key. Don’t be afraid to experiment with cheaper accessories.

Get the Look:

Get your own loft living look with my moodboard below and visit the VELUX website for further information on all the options available to you.

Mood board for loft living interiors

1 // Venice Skatepark Poster | Desenio | from £13.95

2 // Tan and Leather Daybed | Made.com | £699

3 // Wooden Pendant Arc Lamp | French Connection | £225

4 // Khaki Floor Cushion | Urban Outfitters | £195

5 // Jute Rug| Maisons Du Monde | £206

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  1. Lisa Dawson says:

    I am absolutely in agreement about colours affecting your mood! I am hugely drawn towards lighter colours which literally lighten my mood. And I also dream of a roof window to watch sunrises and sunsets (although not with JJP ????).

  2. Malcolm says:

    Gorgeous images and love that style board ???? We need to get as much light as we can into our upcoming extension, this post is great inspiration x

  3. Ah, Emma, this is such a beautifully curated post – those new lean to style windows are dreamy!!! I had a Velux in my childhood attic room and absolutely LOVED it. The rain and the view and the sneaky star watching at night. Magic.

  4. I wrote a really similar post a few weeks ago about my plans for my own loft conversion and how I’m dreaming of transforming the space we have with some really lovely VELUXwindows. Our flat is small and there is a distinct lack of natural light so I’m hoping to remedy this in our new loft room, if we ever manage to get it done.

    • Ah wow! Natural light makes all the difference. I genuinely feel like I could never live anywhere without it now. Still dreaming of that perfect loft room though…
      Very jealous that you’re at least planning on one – will go and have a read! x

  5. Susana says:

    Can you tell us the source for those floor pillows? I love them.

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