February 12, 2017

The Girls that Rock | Vive Le Feminisme



1 // 10 Things I Hate About You by Daisy Emerson, £50. 2 // Riposte Magazine Issue #7, £10.
3 // GIRLS Mug by We Are Here Coffee, £7. 4 // Girls Pennant Pin by Tuesday Bassen, £8.
5 // Vive le Feminisme by People I’ve Loved, £25. 6 // Don’t be a Dick by Veronica Dearly, £6.
7 // Female Artist Print by Stephanie K Kane, £60. 8 // Sally Print by Lynnie Zulu, £30.
9 // Girl Power A5 Print by Zabby Allen, £6. 10 // Naked Lady Pin by CoucouSuzette, £9.66.
I’ve been feeling just a little good about being a female recently. Not that I ever don’t feel good about being me, boobs are much prettier than willies, aren’t they? Seeing the ladies out in force for the Women’s March filled me with joy and although I couldn’t make it myself (for which I feel truly awful, guilty and slightly hypocritical), I’d like to think I can live vicariously through the spirit of the wonderful babes that did make it down to show the world who truly runs the world, GIRL POWER!.

I’ve seen so much about talk about whether bloggers should be sharing their opinions on the world’s current affairs and for a while, I wondered about whether my own voice would be valued. It’s a tricky subject, but actually, I’m not going to turn a blind eye to something I believe in – that’s how Hitler got away with that shit for so long. I believe in fighting for diversity and culture and women’s rights, so why shouldn’t I be able to shout about it? Anyone who disagrees on not working for the greater good, isn’t a person I want around me, although I’m always happy for a considered and thoughtful discussion – my thirteen-year-old brother will quite happily tell you so.

I have so much admiration for the creatives that make their voice heard on a daily basis while daring to face the backlash of some pretty hardcore people. These are the wonder women that spread hope, ignite change and make it all look pretty at the same time. It’s not about who can shout the loudest, but instead, who can make a difference subtly, whether that be via an all-female exhibition à la Skull and Heart or a daily does of witty social content via Veronica Dearly – it all contributes to making a difference. I’ve compiled some of my favourite products above that we should ALL be wearing/reading/hanging on our walls. Get the bloody hell on it.

(Note: it’s not just the lasses but I’ve highlighted them for the purpose of this post. I bloody love men too. See my feature on Scott Patt for reassurance. Jean Jullien is also making his mark pretty damn well).

For more girls who rock, why not check out babin’ babe Natasha’s Pinterest board on female creatives, you never know, you might even spot me!



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