June 7, 2017

The New Designer | Benjamin Craven

Bold, geometric, haphazard yet structured. This is the work of the talented young designer, Benjamin Craven, next up in my series of New Designers features. From screen-printing to digital, Craven uses different techniques to create a bold signature style with a focus on the everyday. Strong clean lines with blocks of colour form the basis of his work and hues of pink, blue, green and yellow largely dominate his striking pieces.

Craven is no stranger to experimenting. Collaging is used in a few of his pieces while experimentation with materials such as reclaimed wood is also part of his process. Hand composites and structured surfaces, as well as screen-prints all feature in his portfolio.

As one of my chosen designers exhibiting at New Designers, I got in touch with Craven to answer some of my burning questions. Keep on readin’ for some tricky colour choice questions and be sure to take advantage of the discount code at the bottom of this post to meet him in person next month!


Can you describe what you do in one sentence?

I create fun playful patterns for multiple types of surfaces, that are influenced by everyday textures and occurrences, while creating an array of digital work inspired by the environment and architecture collisions.

What will you be showing at New Designers One Year On?

I don’t want to say too much, but I will be showing lots of digital pieces which I’ve been working on throughout the last year and a few new products I’ve been developing – lots of bright screen-printed surfaces!


What makes you unique?

That’s a tricky one as I’m terrible at writing about myself. I guess the clashy colours I use. I’d also like to think my eye for composition and the bold simplistic style is what makes me unique to other designers.

 If you could only use two colours in your work for the rest of your life, what would they be?

This is also a tricky one as I have monthly favourites, haha. Right now I’m loving Forest Green and Pink but If I had to choose two it would have to be Pink and Blue…oh and Yellow if I can add in one more!


There are a lot of architectural references in your work. What’s your favourite building in the world?

Again, a super hard question to answer with just one favourite! I’d say one of my favourites is in my home town Leeds – Leeds University Roger Stevens building.  A few more favourites would be the Royal National Theatre, Mummers Theater (which has sadly gone) and last but not least the Fundació Joan Miró building in Barcelona which I have done a piece on.

Any advice for young designers exhibiting for the first time this year?

Be yourself, confident and smile! Nobody wants to see a fed up designer stood by their work. Meet new people and network, you never know who you might meet.


What’s next for Benjamin Craven?

Developing new products and collaborating with more like-minded designers and makers, to have my own multi-purpose studio and to start painting BIG, murals and commissions – email me!

To see more of Benjamin Craven, pay a visit to New Designers 2017. Benjamin will be showcasing his work during Part Two of the exhibition, taking place at the Business Design Centre, between 5th and the 8th July. Entering its 32nd edition, the New Designers exhibition brings together design education, design consumers and the design industry to celebrate and recognise and the next generation of graduate designers.

AND NOW FOR THE DISCOUNT! With code ND508, purchase day tickets to New Designers 2017 in advance for just £10.50* instead of £16 on the door, or a VIP Tickets for unlimited access across both weeks of the show for £21* instead of £30 on the door. Book online now at https://goo.gl/FJ8S5d

*£1.50 booking fee applies per advance ticket purchase, offer expires midday 18 June 2017

For more information on Benjamin visit: benjamincraven.co.uk


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