September 10, 2017

The Weekly Wall | #003 | Supermundane, Unlimited Shop, Brighton

The Weekly Wall | #003 | Super by Supermundane, Unlimited Shop

10 Church St, Brighton, BN1 1US

Nearest Station: Brighton

We all know (or you do now) one of my favourite places to visit in Brighton is the wonderful Unlimited Shop – a Mecca for all things print related, with graphics galore and some rather insta-friendly interiors.

One of my preferred things to check out though is their ever-changing mural on the outside of the shop which undergoes a makeover roughly every six months or so. So far it’s seen work from owners Sara and Patrick Morrissey (they also run a design studio on the side), Gary Stranger and the fabulous Supermundane.

A couple of months ago the latest transformation was unveiled and once again Rob Lowe of much-loved Supermundane was entrusted with giving the wall a new lease of life, this time with a sexy monochrome twist. The team has had a long term relationship with Lowe and as one of the first stores to champion his work, it clearly made sense for the collaboration to continue beyond the selling of his prints.

Using only black, white and grey, the outer wall has been turned into a geometric typographical paradise, exclaiming the word ‘SUPER’ – exactly the phrase to describe the store itself. Having previously only featured a series of colourful collaborations, the new wall is a little more ‘adult’ and a great showcase of the step up that Unlimited has taken to include a curated selection of higher-end interior pieces. However, the mix of lettering and shapes still offers a playful side and lures people into Church Street to discover what the wall displays.

Now, onwards you go, to shop the treats of Unlimited Store and to snap the Super Super wall for your Instagram feed (just don’t forget to tag @unlimitedshopuk and @supermundane). You’re welcome!

Got a wall to share? Upload your imagery to Instagram with #theweeklywall and tag me so that I can share!


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