February 4, 2018

The Weekly Wall | #016 | James Chuter, Hawley Mews, Camden

Weekly-Wall-James-Chuter EJP-Weekly-Wall-James-Chuter

The Weekly Wall | #016 | James Chuter

Nearest Station: Camden Town / Chalk Farm

“What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster? Is it a monster?” In one of the latest Camden collaborations with The Real Art of Street Art, London-based model-cum-artist James Chuter has taken to Hawley Mews with a series of drooling creatures oozing up a wall.

The colourful “blobs”, featuring what appears to be rounded teeth, drip around the brickwork surrounded by circles in vibrant hues. What a rainbow of curves, eh? The playful composition adds a ton of fun to the street, perfectly paired with Plim’s previously featured fruit mural and the urban nature of the Camden street works wonders as a backdrop for the structured yet organic doodle compositions. I love the way the creatures interact with contrasting colours throughout.

In the wall-painting business since 2015, Chuter initially started painting murals after passing the Bondi beach sea wall in Australia. After losing touch with his creative side, Chuter was inspired to contact the council and ended up with a spot to paint. The rest is history or a progression at the very least. Commenting on his approach to street art in an interview with Twenty6 magazine, Chuter commented:

I think people appreciate seeing something colourful and creative in the middle of a grey urban space, surrounded by intrusive advertising. A lot of street artists seem to take great inspiration from nature, and art that features animals seems to be the most popular with the public.

I couldn’t agree more and I wish that we could paint the town more. Follow @jameschuter on Instagram to keep track of both his creative journey and his professional poses.

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