The Up and Coming | Exhibition | Camberwell MA Show 2015

I’m a little sad to see the back of degree show season. It’s been a lot of fun checking out the latest crop from various visual communication degrees and I wish it was something embraced a little more throughout the year. I mean, I want to see it all half-finished too! Here’s the last round-up featuring student s on the MA Illustration course At Camberwell – I seem to have gone for anything vibrant but there was a lot to choose from with every student being extremely talented and likely to work hard for what they want. I hope they inspire you too.
Jessie Herzfeld
This striking illustration is only a section of Jessie’s spectacularly vibrant prints. Jessie’s pieces are visual interpretations of poems by Arthur Rimbaud and the French verses appear throughout her series.  The above piece was based on Childhood II and a translated, hand-written version of the poem was placed underneath. I love the vivid use of contrasting colours in the textured landscape and the strange characters Jessie has created to envisage Rimbaud’s ‘Beasts of a fabulous elegance.’ A mixed media process has been used to create the digital collages and the finished article was a Giclée print on Hahnemuhle German etching paper making for that smooth, velvety, fine art finish.


Ewelina Skowronska |

These graphic screen prints had me at hello with their pulsating colours and thoughtful typography, not to mention the Alice in Wonderland references in the How Long is Forever piece. Ewelina has a stunning portfolio of work online which is vibrant throughout and shows both her printmaking and illustration skills. The layering tactics create a modern vibe which makes her ideal for all of the upcoming printed magazines (because print isn’t dead) and I’m sure we will be seeing more of her work plastered over these publications very soon. 

Weihao Chang 

I find Weihao’s work extremely visually pleasing so it took me by surprise when I investigated the prints closely that they were actually based on an alien – Pleiadians. However, Pleidians is actually an alien from an unknown star who has come to save people from their negative minds, what a great guy! This risograph series mixes pinks and blues patterns and characters creating an out of this world combination. The colour on black also works really well and showed something a little different with the pink and black working especially well…


Sadhna Prasad |

The Way Back is a picture book showing the journey of a girl while finding the missing parts of her doll and has been crafted by the very talented Sadhna.  With an objective of knowing more, learning more and travelling as much as possible I feel Sadhna is describing her own journey within the narrative making this a lovely, personal project. Bold colouring and playful illustrations fill this book and it doesn’t stop there- Sadhna’s website is full of colourful creations and some more graphical content too.

Maite Diez |

Maite’s work is very intriguing and a little different. As the only student I have picked out who isn’t all about garish colour coordination I have been trying to figure out what it is I like so much about these pieces. Due to the mark-making and doodled characters the prints vaguely remind me of one of those scrapbooks, likely to have been created in an indie rom-com film, which hardly anyone could ever recreate. There are so many processes used to create the final result and I love the messy lines mixed with the rubbings creating those fantastic textures. There is also a lot of pattern involved and it’s fairly easy to see I am a fan of a pattern (sorry for going on about it!) I’m going to be keeping a beady eye on Maite as I am sure lots of interesting work is still to come.
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