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As a Tom Dixon fanatic (you may have seen me go a little crazy at their pop-up store here) I was over the moon to hear that the Old Selfridges Hotel was being transformed into a Dixon haven as the first ever pop-up department store. Challenging the current standard of retail, Dixon aims to bring people away from their laptops and into his own immersive environment complete with over 30 brands.


Heavily inspired by Andy Warhol’s studio space The Factory, each wall is adorned with silver foil. Can I live there please? Honestly, the interior of the space is super striking and if you are a fan of the metallic trend get yourself down there for some serious home inspiration. With the department store being placed next to retail queen Selfridges there’s a lot to aspire to but I’d quite happily see this as a permanent fixture. I mean, I’ve visited three times now. How does Dixon think you reach the people? By coming to where the people are . Thanks for coming to where I am Tom! It’s not just the entire Dixon store thats been moved to this historical, yet previously empty space. There’s plenty to check out from well known brands such as eyeko to small tech start ups such as Teenage engineering.


You could get your fashion fix from Obataimu who have brought their Indian atelier to London. It’ here that you can order a customised design and then watch it being made on-screen in the Mumbai production studio – now that’s an intriguing concept. For those of you with lightbulbs illuminating in their heads, visit Mindblower an their idea-to-product platform. Talk through your pitch with them and they’ll offer tips. If an idea is chosen for development, MindBlower takes care of the rest, and successful products reap the inventor royalties of up to 20 percent. 


Further enticing the creative crowd in is the Spring pop-up photo studio which is hosting shoots throughout the day. Visitors are able to watch the action live on set with a range of magazines, fashion brands and Central Saint Martins students using the set-up as their office. I could people watch all day, with a drink from the bar, food from Deliveroo and a copy of Tomorrow of course. It really doesn’t end there though. There’s more installations from Aston Martin, Haeckels, Boskke and Cubitts – definitely something for everyone.  


It’s your last weekend to visit MULTIPLEX, with it closing on the 15th October so get down there now for a last-minute inspiring experience. The store really goes above and beyond and if this is what the future of retail looks like I can assure you my online shopping addiction is in the past. I also had the pleasure of being invited for another little Tom Dixon preview so be sure to check back for more news on Dixon’s next venture (spoiler alert: it involves food and marble surfaces!) 

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