June 12, 2016

The Reading List | On my Bookshelf

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Can someone please give me a house with a library? The publication world is popping out so many beautiful magazines and independent books, I don’t have enough room or money but each month I can’t resist adding more to the collection. Not that I’m really complaining but why oh why are these things so damn hard to throw away? I’ve compiled my current reading list below, just to supply any other addicts out there with some new reading material – yes, I’m so nice like that, no need to thank me.

Printed Pages: 

A biannual publication created by the It’s Nice That team, Printed Pages is one hell of a visual feast, showcasing the best of the talent that has featured on the online magazine throughout the year. With the SS16 edition only released about a month ago, it’s already sold out from Company of Parrots, but there are plenty of stockists to choose from where you can pick it up in person. This issue is not to be missed due to it’s vivacious covers featuring the stars of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared and my personal favourite editorial section featuring the graduates to watch for 2016. Whack it in your bathroom to provide a spark of inspiration to any visitors and yourself of course!

Suitcase Magazine:

This is a dangerous one. If you’re constantly lusting over new places to travel, you’re likely to have a love hate relationship with Suitcase, although I can guarantee you’ll pick it up every month regardless. Issue 15 features stories from Barcelona, Belize, Costa Rica, Kerala, The Maldives and Tuscany – all looking absolutely glorious and all now on my ever-growing list of places to go. The editorial team make everything look & sound beautiful making it hard to put this magazine down. I normally start with a case of the travel blues but the fashion narratives soon pick me up, making this a firm quarterly and very cheap favourite. 

Skull & Heart Hear Me Roar Art Book: 

I posted an interview with Skull & Heart founder Skye Kelly-Barrett when the Hear Me Roar book was going through the Kickstarter process and now it’s the real deal, sitting proudly on my shelf, reminding me of the accomplishments that just one person can achieve when they put their mind to it.  This colourful 218 page paperback book features the work of all of the artists involved in the all-female exhibition as well as interviews with each and every one of them. The epitome of girl power, this book shows how many sassy ladies there are currently in the illustration world and with only 100 copies made, you better get your hands on one now!

Hoxton Mini Press Mini Mini Series: 

Yet another Kickstarter that I’ve backed and has thankfully come to life, the Hoxton Mini Press series is a pop of pastel colours perfect for the coffee table and sure to provide guests with a little bit of a laugh – life as a hand job model anyone? The playful series showcases the best in tongue-in-cheek photography right now, with Ronni Campana, Emily Stein, Oli Kellett and Alex Holder the artists behind the photo series. I can’t wait to see what will be added to collection next as of course I’ll be adding them straight to my basket too. 

Failed It!

After popping to the book launch at KK Outlet a few weeks ago, Failed It! by Erik Kessels is probably one of my favourite and unexpected discoveries in recent times. The book celebrates mistakes and I wholeheartedly back everything Kessels says throughout the book. I just bloody love mistakes! Including some interesting case studies and top notch advice, this is a must have purchase for any students or precious creatives – turn your screw ups into successful works of art now, lets get experimenting and more importantly failing. 

Do you have any recommendations for other new books or independently published magazines? Please do let me know, I’m a woman on a mission to create a wall mural of stacked goodies. 


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