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Next up on my designer profile list is the super Oscar Francis and their wonderful range of clean, bold prints and textiles.  It seems as though I am on a city print spree so I’m sorry if this is getting old now (hint: it can never get old). Established by Sarah Evans in 2013, Oscar Francis is a London based studio with a penchant for modernist buildings and architectural patterns. Sarah is actually a qualified architect and has been in the industry for the last fifteen years so who better to provide us with patterned versions of some of London and New York’s most striking buildings?

After seeing the brand around at various design events and some of my favourite London concept stores, I was intrigued to find out a little more about the process. Low and behold Oscar Francis have thought of the likes of me and included a ‘sketch book‘ page which completely satisfy my slightly geeky illustrative needs. The images show how life started for the final prints and I’m completely amazed to hear that there are more hand-drawing stages in between.  Sarah describes herself as having a “fascination with the city and housing types that define our urban environment” – these initial sketches pinpoint that obsession perfectly and quite frankly I think they are just as beautiful as the finished patterns.

I’m  a sucker for the graphic nature of these cushions with their post modernist pattern repeats and the dreamy pops of blue. The above cushion showcases Sulkin House in Bethnal Green, E2 which was designed by British architect Denys Lasdun who is actually famous for designing the Royal National Theatre on the South Bank, whaddya know! Although it’s hard to choose a favourite print I’ve got to say the Span Art print has stolen my heart with its lime green hues and multi-coloured doors.  That one might be saying hello to my wall very soon. If buildings and their surroundings appeal, be sure to check out the Oscar Francis Instagram feed where sketches meet photos and prints. It’s a whirlwind of symmetry and geometry – just the way I like it!

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