January 10, 2016

The Mural Maker | Lakwena Maciver

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Are you a lover of pattern and colour? Meet Lakwena, the London-based artist brightening up the streets of Shoreditch and communicating with the masses.

You may have already seen her street art work – needless to say it features on my own Instagram feed fairly regularly – and for Lakwena that’s what it’s all about. In a world where the art scene can be quite elitist, Lakwena speaks to the people, using her bright kaleidoscopic imagery as a tool for communication. Of course we are initially attracted to the vibrant patterns and lavish decoration (heres looking at you gold paint and sequins), then comes the message which ultimately confirms the need to take a picture and share her vision. 

As another artist obviously inspired by popular culture (sorry not sorry, I  adore them) Lakwena uses urban environments to convey her ornamental opinions and that means we’re all invited to the party too. Murals such as “The Power of Girl” and “Where did all the beauty come from?” provide striking backdrops for the community and I really hope we’re in store for tons more of the same, although please hold back on the graffiti tags people.

We’re lucky enough to have the “Be bad until you’re good and good until you’re great” mural adorned on the walls of the Frame fitness studio in Shoreditch. What a motivational message! This was actually for Nike Women, showing how this gal is even changing the world of advertising for the better. Other previous clients include Adidas, American Eagle Outfitters, Clinique, Converse, Diesel, Palladium Boots, Red Bull, Tiger Beer and Toms.

Lakwena’s approach to creativity is beyond inspiring. “To me, making art really is a life-long process, so I just want to keep experimenting, keep playing.” And to me, that’s what this kind of profession is all about. You’re never likely to be happy with your own work so look at it as a creative journey and don’t ever stop making. Hopefully you’ll get there in the end and if you don’t at least you’ve been doing something you love all of your life. My only quip so far is that we haven’t had a full on exhibition here in the city – I want more of her LA dreamland here. Want to know more? Check out a full interview with the lady herself in the latest issue of Riposte. This girl certainly can.


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