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It’s time to change things up a little round here. Not massively, just a wee inspiration led post every now and then. I started this blog with the good intention of keeping it focused on creative lifestyle and of course I plan to keep it that way but I’ve come to the realisation that I’m a creative myself and I don’t give any of you lot reading this too much insight into my own life outside of visits to exhibitions. There’s so much more that I want to share with you and this is the start of it – a slightly different post for this very sunny Saturday – a little look into my own daily routine and the one third thing in the world that makes me happy in the morning.

Yes, flowers make me happy. From the selection process to the arranging, I’ll have a smile all the way through and you can only imagine my face if somebody actually buys me a bunch – pure joy I tell you! I try to keep our rented flat as full of flowers and plants as I can, so much so our living rooms looks like a green house, but it really is the homely touches that make rented accommodation a home. Pictures. Candles. Flowers. Sorted.

This little corner of my home is actually in the vanity area of my bedroom. I say vanity area and I really mean the sink in our room that my landlord decided was a genius idea. Of course, it genuinely is when you’re needing to brush your teeth and someone else is in the bathroom, so I’ll let him off, just. There’s no excuse for that textured wallpaper though.

With the rest of our bedroom so bright and slightly crazy, I like to keep this space clean and muted, a place to store all of my beloved objects, beauty essentials and ever-growing collection of rings. The only problem encountered would be the lack of room for flowers, they always just seem so chunky against the only minimal area I can seem to abide not filling with artwork.

Perhaps the flower god heard my cries as lo and behold, earlier this week I popped down to the Etsy Christmas preview where Bloom & Wild were ready and waiting to help me out with my rather high maintenance dilemma. These little posies are the perfect solution to the flower shaped hole in my sink area and they look absolutely stunning, don’t you agree? The simple white arrangement with the slight pops of yellow and green make them the perfect accompaniment to my laid-back living space. Not only that, but they are now the first thing I see in the morning and boy does that do wonders for my creative juices – nothing provides more inspiration than a little foliage, right? Glorious weekly flowers are just a subscription form away and I’ve gotta say I’m tempted to make this a forever thing so I’ll keep you posted if I make the move. For now, you can just find the full details of the items pictured below and I’d love love love you to let me know of the things that make your home a happy one.
Silver Tray, HAY; Candle, East Wick Shop; Flowers, Bloom & Wild; Candle, Bella Freud; Lip Balm, Haeckels; Perfume, Bella Freud.
Disclaimer: Bloom & Wild provided the flowers as part of the Etsy press day but I was under no obligation to post about them so all love, adoration and integration into my home is definitely my own.
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