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‘To all travellers long and short haul. To the weary, the wise and the bleary-eyed. To the suits, weekenders, fashion baggers and affair-havers. To the explorers, adventurers and dreamers. To all locals of the world from Amsterdam, Boston and Cairo to Zagreb. To all who travel the world with wide eyes and big hearts. To all who are independent yet united in a desire for positive travelling. To those who are smarter than a dolphin with a university degree and realise you can have luxury for not too much cash. To those who need a good bed, a cold drink and big fluffy towels. To all who are mobile citizens of the world, citizenM welcomes you all.’
Yes citizenM, YES. A couple of weeks ago I was kindly asked to stay after helping to put on an evening with design blogger network We Blog Design and after a hard day at work, weekend bag in tow, I set off to meet some of my blogging pals at the humorous world of citizenM.
Sound like a place you might want to stay at? Well read on as I’ve covered this shindig covered from head to toe and if you’ve got a penchant for that little ol’ flag we like to call the Union Jack, this will be the place for you to call your temporary home. You’ve probably seen with my travel guides that I like to split things into categories and today is no different. In any case, citizenM seem to have the same attitude with each area of the hotel compartmentalised into it’s own specific area, just as I like it.
To Get Started:

Arriving at the 8-storey hotel, which is literally a stones throw away from Tower Hill station, you’re immediately immersed into the citizen culture complete with red glass box entrance and welcoming citizenM ambassadors ready with all the knowledge about the hotel and your stay. If you’re not immediately pulled in by the Julian Opie artwork, you’ll hopefully soon be in love with the Vitra elephants and Tom Dixon lighting that fills the lobby – oh so dreamy. 

At check-in, you’re free to choose between a Canary Wharf or Courtyard view, subject to availability and breakfast and late checkout is also an option from the get go. Taking me back to the ‘playing hotel’ days, you get the chance to register your own key card and with just a simple 5-minute process you’re all checked in and ready to explore the multitude of spaces and specially commissioned art citizenM has to offer. 
To Sleep:

For the bed bigger than your dreams, citizenM is the one. I’ve got a thing for beds nestled into walls and here citizenM doesn’t disappoint – the huge cosy bed sits boxed into the full length window and I can assure you even with a bed hogger like myself you’ll do just fine for space, or so the boy said in any case. It certainly made an amazing change from my lumpy mattress at home and although I did describe this category as sleep, I probably shouldn’t have, as actually you’ll probably want to do everything but hit the hay. With a room controlled by your own iPad and hundreds of great free movies waiting to be watched, it is actually quite hard to shut those eyes and we took great pride in trying out every single room mode, flicking through every movie and testing out the blinds and curtains about a hundred times, just because we could. 
With the ‘wild’ wake-up call set, we woke up to animal noises and some pretty harsh lighting but all was forgotten when we opened the blinds for a room full of sunshine and a view with a difference. It may not be to everyone’s taste but when you have a boyfriend who actually likes abandoned places and architecture, a behind the scenes of a building site actually worked in the hotel’s favour on this occasion. I’m sure that not everyone would be so convinced by their Canary Wharf view but remember guys, we are in London, where this is all part of the growing city charm. Other guests did have a view over the Tower of London, so it literally is pot luck and in any case that view will remain permanently at the bar, which in my own opinion is by far more important. 
To Eat:

If you can do a mean veggie breakfast, you will always have my heart and boy does CanteenM hit the jackpot with this one. Buffet breakfasts are never an easy one to do yet citizen filled my plate with vegetarian sausages, bubble & squeak, eggs, tomatoes and fresh sourdough. We arrived pretty last minute at 11 (all those movies ya see) but there was still plenty left for us, along with yoghurt, fruit and fresh pastries.  I’ll quite happily say that the meat option also looked just as tasty, if that’s your thang. Oh and lets not forget about the freshly-made coffee that helped us say goodbye to the wine-fuelled evening and prepped us for a busy day exploring London.
Lunch and dinner also take on a buffet-style with the option of filling your boots with anything from sushi to tofu curry. All in all a great selection, a little on the pricey side but worth it for the hotel ambience, especially if you’ve been on your feet all day.
To Work:

Having worked at citizenM a couple of times prior to my stay, I can firmly say it’s near the top of my list for places to work that aren’t my own bed. Of course it’s still new so could become slightly busier but every time I have visited so far it has been pretty damn quiet. Subtle music, an abundance of wall sockets and delicious coffee and juices (as well as natas) on offer from coffeeM help to make your working day just that little bit better and if you’re staying the night you can also benefit from the free use of macs and printers.
To Chill:

And now for the showstopper. Situated on the 7th floor is the pinnacle of citizenM. Why stay with your feet firmly on the ground when you can be up with the birds in the gloriously designed CloudM? As with the rest of the hotel, design classics from Vitra Furniture fill the space, creating an eclectic yet cosy and comfortable setting. With a Downing Street theme, vintage memorabilia sits everywhere and it’s impossible not to get snap happy with props, as all of us fellas from We Blog Design so kindly demonstrated on our social media.
But really outside is where it’s at on this floor. If you do one thing only, head upstairs for sunset, grabbing a G&T sourced from the East London Liquor company on the way and head outside for the ultimate panoramic view of the city – you ain’t ever seen the Tower of London, Shard and Gherkin like this before.
To Discover:

As much as I could have stayed in the hotel for a few days without leaving the bed or that view, exploring is of course important and luckily for citizenM, there’s a whole bunch of local amenities around. I’ve rounded up my favourites below – let me know wha you think, will you be becoming a mobile citizen any time soon?
With citizenM embracing all things regal, it would be a shame not to visit the source of inspiration if you haven’t had a chance to make it before. Sometimes it’s super nice to do stereotypically tourist things and actually the tower is pretty up there when it comes to a good historical London attraction. Time to get into character and explore, just make sure you hold on to your head.

Tower Hill, London EC3N 4AB
St Katharine’s Docks is central London’s own mini marina complete with shops, restaurants and a few bars. Just a short walk away from the hotel, this is certainly worth a visit and perfect for a sunny London day.
St Katharine Marina, 50 St Katharine’s Way, London E1W 1LA
About a 20-minute walk away from the hotel lies contemporary art gallery, White Cube. The stunning architecture takes all the spotlight here but with exhibitions normally free, you may come across some pretty snazzy modern art too. The bookshop makes it hard to leave with money still in the wallet, but if you somehow manage it there are still plenty of independent boutiques nearby to blow your dosh on.
144-152 Bermondsey St, London SE1 3TQ
If you manage to make it to White Cube, Maltby Street Market should certainly be on your list of places for lunch – a bustling food market hidden away in the streets of Bermondsey. This place has everything from tapas to tiramisu, all with tempting smells, a street party vibe and plenty of doggies to cuddle. Note that it’s only open on the weekends though, so don’t start drooling on a weekday or you’ll be leaving hungry.
Ropewalk, London SE1 3PA

INFO: citizenM, 40 Trinity Square, London EC3N 4DJ, Room rates start from £109 and there are worldwide options for you to tay in.
DISCLAIMER: My stay was provided for free of charge by citizenM for the purpose of this review. I’ll always be honest about any stay, product or experience so all of the above love of crowns, soldiers and big comfy beds is truly my own.

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