The Middlesex Adventurers | Middlesex University Sketchbooks from Edinburgh

Middlesex university was one of those that surprised me last year. It wasn’t that I expected to see a load of rubbish, I just didn’t expect to see SO much great work adorning the walls. You can see my round-up here (sorry it’s a little shoddy layout wise). I was thrilled to see the amount of effort they’d put in both presentation wise and online to ensure that they were promoting themselves in the best possible way. 

I’ve obviously been keeping a close eye on their Twitter feeds ever since (hello to this David Bowie post) and I was delighted to discover this isn’t just a one-off around student exhibition time. It’s always heartwarming to see tutors who care about their students, equipping them with the best possible skills to move forward in their careers and providing them with wonderful experiences to look back upon – I think the Middlesex lecturers have got this one covered. The students recently went on a drawing trip to Edinburgh and since the adventure all of their sketchbook work has been uploaded to the Middlesex Illustration blog. Quite frankly, from what I’ve seen there, I’m really bloody excited to see what these students have up their sleeve in terms of final projects and I’m pretty sure some of them aren’t even in third year yet. I’ve chosen a few of my favourites which you can see have become a series of quirky sketches with some brilliant uses of colour and a lot of variety – I’m certainly going to be keeping my eyes peeled for a bit more from Nicole Cowan. To be honest I could have put all of their imagery in but then you would have no reason to go and check out their own blog post, there’s some beautiful work form their tutors too so make sure you give it a good look.

If you can’t wait until “student season” for an exhibition than actually you’re in luck as until March 12th the students have one titled ‘Beginnings and Endings‘ in the Poetry Cafe. Covent Garden. The collection of illustrations is inspired by literature’s greatest opening and closing lines with writing by the likes of Sylvia Plath, Thomas Pynchon, Ray Bradbury and J.G all playing a part in the process. Again there’s another little post on the blog with a preview but I’d say to go and be surprised instead. Take a book for good measure. Now, time to go and book those Edinburgh tickets…

Follow the Middlesex Illustration kids on Twitter and be sure to keep and eye out for further exhibition dates later on this year!
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