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If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, why not pay a visit to The London Artisan? Based in the Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, the market is home to a hive of creative bees (well designer / makers) and I can assure you are bound to find something completely unique, while also having a chance to chat to some of the finest artisans around. The idea behind the market is to not only provide a space for emerging designers to sell their product, but also a place to meet, converse and inspire other producers and makers, putting the social back into shopping.

I’ve rounded up some of my favourites from the market a couple of weeks ago, but with a changing weekly roster of creatives, I suggest you check it out for yourself.

Every market needs great coffee and boy does Sham City roast it well. I’m a sucker for quality packaging and I love the illustrations on the Sham City packets, there’s something very refreshing about the bright, bold colours and rocker vibes – not something you’d normally see on artisan coffee. You can also grab some of the tongue-in-cheek designs on mugs and tees and if you’re extra observant you might catch a glimpse of the logo tattooed on head coffee roaster, Dave. Now that’s dedication!

Ever heard of a kokedama before? I hadn’t before the market and although slightly freaked out by the squidgy characteristics of the moss balls, I’m still rather curious about owning one of these. Kokedama is a Japanese version of bonsai, so you can see why it has actually become a bit of a trend on the lifestyle front. It’s the practise of removing a plant from it’s container and re-wrapping it in mud and moss before tying it up with string. If you fancy making your own Dotted Line can help, or like me just leave it to the professionals and buy one straight from the stall!

If you’re a fan of dogs, this is the market stall for you! Ros creates the most beautiful images of our favourite friendly pooches as well as a selection of other quirky objects (think pineapples). I managed to scoop up a chihuahua card that looked exactly like my little George and now I just need Ros to rename it as George isn’t quite sure on being compared to Dolly who currently holds the card title. If they haven’t got the pet for you, you can even send in a picture and they’ll create something bespoke!

These colourful creations had me lusting for a seventies fancy dress part to attend, not because they’re novelty, more because I only wear black on a daily basis. The materials used are interesting and I gotta say that I might be wavering slightly on the normal attire, the statement pink is drawing me in and the subtle sparkles on the earrings are an extra treat. I adore the African influences, modernised for the sassy ladies of today.
Well, that’s it for the picks but on another note I have become increasingly interested in what it takes to be successful at a market and have been asking around for some tips. Got any advice? Get in touch. If not, stay tuned for a future post on what it takes to make the cut when selling your stuff.

AND FYI The London Artisan currently has a competition going on over on Instagram to wins whole host of goodies from TLA sellers. To win the lot, you just need to post a picture of a flat lay including some designer / maker loot and tag #TLAFLATLAY & #thelondonartisan. There’s not too long left so get flat laying – good luck!
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