The High Five | March

1//  Posterzine™ by People of Print 
2// Living with Hattie Stewart via Magma
3// Holidays by Jean Jullien in collaboration with Hato Press 
4// Suitcase Magazine
5 // Don’t get a Job, Make a Job: How to make it a creative graduate by Gem Barton
With Milan, Berlin and Amsterdam all within the next 5 weeks, my mind has firmly been on books and publications for the plane (I’m an awful flyer) as well as anything that can possibly inspire me for my time away. Here’s a list of five that I’ve already gathered, have been ordered or are in the pipeline. 

First up on the list is the latest Posterzine by the ever-inspiring People of Print. The team have collaborated with Kate Moross to complete the latest in the series and my gosh is it a beauty. Featuring and in-depth interview by Laura Snoad as well as prints by Moross, you can keep it on your coffee table or frame it for a wicked print. It’s actually made using just two spot colours of fluorescent pink and neon turquoise which make a pretty sweet combination that absolutely tick all the boxes for me. I’ve already nabbed a copy of this and you can too with a subscription service ensuring that you never miss out. 

I’ve previously declared how much of a fan I am of Ms Stewart and her debut book is firmly on my wish list. The book, published by Roads Publishing, is out on 6 April and contains 32 of Hattie’s ‘doodlebombs’ and original works. Each print in the book is slightly perforated so can be pulled out and framed, what a grand idea! Annoyingly I’m in Milan for the book launch so will have to wait to grab a copy but if you’re interested in attending the event at KK Outlet you can find out more here.

Jean Jullien is the man that captured the world with his beautiful illustrations in the aftermath of both the Paris attacks. However, when he’s not sketching in reaction to the horrid and unnecessary, he’s busy creating fun and quirky illustrations with a lot of humour and wit. I picked up a copy of Holidays on a recent trip to Hato Press and it’s safe to say that it makes me chuckle every time. “Crispy raw skin, ice cream chin, perilous selfies, brief romances and pockets of useless souvenirs; a tourist’s guide to summer, Holidays is an unfiltered snapshot of the holiday experience as we (truly) know it.” Enough said.

I haven’t picked up a copy of Suitcase in a little while but with holidays seemingly on my mind I decided to snap up the latest issue from new favourite store Modern Society. Marrakech has long been on my list for a potential escape destination and Meg Abbott has confirmed the need for me to save and get there before the end of the year – I think it will send my creativity into overdrive with all those patterns and colours, which can only mean good things!

Finally, I’ve ordered ‘Don’t Get a Job, Make a Job’ for my travels. Natasha of Graphique Fantastique reviewed it on her blog and as she seemingly has great taste I thought it might be a good one to read on to go. I’ll let you go over and see what she says for the sale as so as her pitch obviously worked on me, although the yellow cover also helped!

Well there we go, that’s the high five for this month, do any of you guys have any advice for Milan, Berlin or Amsterdam? I’ll be ‘working’ in Milan during design week and am likely to be dragged around by the lovely Kate & Daniel / I may pick up a copy of 38 Hours in Milan for a little insight into the city.  I know Berlin pretty damn well and have some lovely friends there so I’m probably sorted but any secret creative insights or great abandoned places would be lovely as the boy loves to scare me to death. I may do a city guide soon as it’s pretty much written for all my friends anyway, let me know if that’s of interest. Finally, I know NOTHING about Amsterdam so please do help, I even don’t have a place to stay yet, so literally any recommendations are welcome. 
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  1. Oh blimey, no pressure on my review then 😛 ha No I think/hope you will love it as much as I do! You'll have to let me know what you think. Also v.jealous of all the travelling – take me in your suitcase? ha

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