The High Five | April

1 // Gloom Beautiful Words Patch | Ball and Chain Co.
2 // Curiosity Iron on Patch | Stay Home Club
3 // Hand Embroidered Sundown Cactus Patch | Eradura
4 // Panther Iron on Patch | Stay Home Club
5 // Skull & Heart x Hear Me Roar Patch | Skull & Heart
Art for my clothes? Yes please! I think Lee Broom may have started off my patch addiction. Although really not the point of his travelling Milan van (sorry Lee), I fell in love with the ladies manning his vehicle and their equally charming jumpsuit attire. Then, after popping into Brighton last weekend and stumbling across the latest addition to Kensington Gardens, Family Store (more on that soon), I have been absolutely obsessed with the damn things. Cork boards full of pins and things to iron to my clothes – they do funny things to my heart and make me feel all of about thirteen once again. It’s time for me to face the music. A denim jacket will be turning colourful this summer and these babies are gonna be the ones to cover it. Got any recommendations? Send ’em my way!
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