The FAQs


Q: What is Emma Jane Palin all about?
A: I’m set on unearthing creative talent whether that be new illustrators and designers or upcoming interior brands. Don’t get me wrong there’s a little bit of high street in there too (we all like a little bit of IKEA) but this blog is first and foremost a way of providing a platform to those who would like it. There’s also a lovely mix of more established designers, exhibitions to visit, travel guides, the EJP abode and some community tips.

Q: When did you start blogging?
A: I started blogging in June 2015. It’s still a learning curve every day!

Q: Do you write anywhere else?
A: Yes! I’m currently contributing to To Work or To Play and looking at retail over at Insider Trends. I’ve also contributed to The Metro, Time Out and This Is It! Network.

Q: Do you accept guest posts?
A: This is judged on a case by case basis. I would consider guest posts of a collaborative nature from one-man bands so just get in touch if you would like to brainstorm some ideas. I won’t accept guest posts from brands, sorry!

Q: Can give you a free ticket to an exhibition or event?
Of course! But please do be aware that I won’t write about it if it wasn’t really for me. I don’t like being mean or dishonest.

Q: Do you take payment for posts?

I’ve mulled long and hard over this and have spent two years with strict no payment policy -I always want this place to remain passionate and not seen by me as work – however, I’m a firm believer in all creatives being paid for creative work. Very occasionally opportunities arise where the mission aligns perfectly so I’m eating my words and becoming a little more open to campaigns that I have a 100% belief behind and will allow me to use all my own creative direction within.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Drop me an email at emma[at]emmajanepalin[dot]com