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The Office of Neglected Opportunities is currently holed up in the Studio 73 gallery, Brixton Village and you’re most certainly invited, until the 24th January anyway. Helen Ashton and Jamie Temple (o.n.o representatives) are presenting a new series of works that demonstrate their own alternate ideas for utilising local spaces, buildings and natural resources in and around Brixton. Considering gentrification in these parts are a pretty hot topic right now it’s good to see some careful deliberation going into this and they want your opinions too. What do you want to see in Brixton and how can these spaces be of a greater benefit to the local community? Go and hit them up for a chat and feedback on their ideas.

Helen and Jamie are looking at the exhibition as more of a residency so artwork will be growing on a daily basis and there’s a chance for you to get involved in the creative process too. The boy and I had a lot of fun on the badge machine and there’s likely to be some mini Lino workshops also taking place. You could get your own hung in the window, although I’m not sure if any will match the current Robot Wars piece currently adorning the cork board. Both are also extremely talented artists and you can of course browse their work and perhaps make a cheeky purchase – we did!

The hope is to highlight the mass of neglected opportunities there are out there and hopefully some of the right people will get thinking about new ways to reinvent spaces. Jamie’s addition of a windmill to the iconic Brixton Clock Tower is certainly one to mull over. Perhaps it would be nice to work on something beforehand and go and find out their opinions on your own idea…

Anyway, get down there for yourself (see the Bowie mural and tributes on the way) and be part of the process between 11am and 5:30pm. The o.n.o collaborative tends to change it’s meaning for each exhibition so keep up to date with their latest ventures and work via their website here, their Twitter here and their Instagram here.

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