The Exhibition | Royal Academy Summer Show

It’s pretty obvious I’m an avid lover of anything visually psychedelic or eclectic so it’s quite a surprise that it took me until the closing weekend to visit the prestigious RA Summer Show. The exhibition was co-ordinated by Michael Craig-Martin RA – a leading artist of his generation and the teacher who nurtured the talents of Damien Hirst – make sure you check him out. He picked a vibrant mix of paintings, prints and sculptures  to embrace summer and brighten up even the most dullest of days. Jim Lambie’s wonderful kaleidoscopic stairs led up to it all (cue Instagram overload). The main highlight for me was Tom Phillips A Humument which finished the show. Since 1966, Phillips has illustrated over every page of a Victorian book and the result is a collection of intricately drawn, painted or collaged pages. It’s a shame that it’s all over now but here are a few images that hopefully capture those colourful vibes.

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