The Designers | London Design Festival | Day Two

If I were to recommend one place to visit this London Design Festival, it would probably be the V&A. There’s tons of great installations and exhibitions all under the same roof and although there’s plenty of walking to do it doesn’t feel like you have to trek from piece to piece. I’ve included my three favourites below but expect to also see ‘Zotem’ by Kim Thomé and ‘Mise-en-abyme’ by Laetitia de Allegri and Matteo Fogale (both above) whilst venturing around. Of course there is also a whole itinerary of events this week as well as other crowd favourites like the previously featured ‘What is Luxury’ exhibition.  Do check the LDF website for further information.

Faye Toogood | The Cloakroom
I’m in love with this immersive, theatrical concept that Faye Toogood has created and although I could only bear about 20 minutes of the coat itself I would highly recommend taking part and getting stuck in with the idea. The cloakroom, located in Room 55, allows you to check out one of 150 Toogood coats to wear around the Museum. You also get a map to locate the ten sculptural jackets that are dotted around various sections of the museum – my personal favourite being the marble garment of course! All of the jackets are unique so pick a good face and have your photograph taken. You might look a little strange wandering around in a Kvadrat jacket but roll with it and you might not want to give it back in the end.

Barnaby Barford: The Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel is an impressive six metre high structure formed of 3000 bone china shops. Barford photographed all of the shops on his bicycle and he has then stacked the shops in order of exclusivity and price.  At the towers base the shops are derelict, slowly moving up to the point of the more exclusive, luxurious shops. We enjoyed locating the shops of Leyton including one of our locals The Key Shop in particular – again the sculpture is immersive and allows you to chat to others around you about what you are looking for. One of our fellow visitors was rather upset that their own shop had been sold to someone else (yes, you can buy them all!)  

mischer’traxler | Curiosity Cloud

Walking along the corridor, you can hear the wings of the insects fluttering before you even set eyes on anything in the room. There is definitely a magical Harry Potter vibe going on inside, which is probably why there was also a queue to get in and phones everywhere once inside. 250 mouth-blown glass globes made by the Viennese glass company Lobmeyr. Each globe contains a single hand-fabricated insect and each insect has been printed onto foil, which has been laser cut and then hand embroidered to create the body. I would love to see this at a quieter time to embrace and inspect the insects a little more but even when battling for a good picture you can still appreciate the beauty of this mythical installation.

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