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A couple of weeks ago I went on down to Studio Moross to take part in a hand-lettering workshop with the queen of bubble writing herself. Kate Moross was a strong influence and inspiration to me throughout my time at university. Of course I adore her illustrative style but I think the thing that aways stood out to me more was her productivity and drive for creating. One of the first places I came across her was at Pick Me Up and it was pretty impressive how different she was from everyone else at the time. Since then she’s worked with One Direction, Sam Smith, almost every publication in existence and brought out her own book ‘Make Your Own Luck’ – it’s a great one, make sure you read it. 

When I discovered that Miss Moross was offering a workshop (as an incentive for the Open Barbers kickstarter) I jumped at the chance to get involved and get my creativity back in action. In the workshop we created our own collective typeface, quick-response sketches and hand-lettered posters. It was amazing to see everyone’s alternative response to the briefs and if you’re lucky you may spot our pretty wacky typeface somewhere soon. For now, here’s both my poster and the wonderful Yee Poon’s!




The workshop wouldn’t have been complete without some top tips from Kate. It was even more inspiring to hear them coming straight from her but I’ll pass them on too – a little repetition on the inspiration front won’t hurt anyone!

Don’t be so precious about your work.
Keep Creating.
Scanners are rubbish (and mobiles can do the same job for a quick fix).
It’s all about personality and attitude and creating work that is different. 

Kate even mentioned the fact that she had never look at a CV when hiring someone before. It’s all about productivity and uniqueness in Studio Moross and most of her staff have come to her through showing off their personality and gusto for design. This really resonated with me as I think so many students put pressure on themselves to get that first when actually in the design world it doesn’t really matter. Focus on how you are a person and how you present instead!

As well as tips I also got a chance to rifle though some of the first designs Kate worked on whilst she was studying. The process from initial sketch to digital illustration was super interesting to see and it wad amazing to hear about her transition to art direction for musicians as opposed to just illustrating. I’d advise anyone stuck in a creative rut or simply just looking to know more about the business side of graphic design to give Kate’s book a read. It’s witty, insightful and informative whilst being colourful, quirky and full of love too!


NOTE: Kate Moross was wearing sweatpants on said day or workshop. She doesn’t believe in this statement to confirm.

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  1. This looks like so much fun, I really love what Kate says about not being to precious with your work. I have been known to throw away paintings or sketches because of one tiny thing that niggles me!

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