The Cool Kids of Brighton | Family Store

After a short trip to Brighton a couple of months ago I was pleasantly surprised by a new addition to the Kensington Gardens strip. You see, I wasn’t sure if Brighton could get any better but Family Store have now arrived and I’m actually pretty glad I don’t live too near as I’m not sure I could handle the damage it would do to my bank account. 

The guys at the store have managed to compile the greatest collection of records, publications, tees, pins and patches as well as some kickass graphic posters. It’s literally an illustrators / graphic designers dream. It’s always great to see Hato taking centre stage on the book shelf but there’s a load of other great looking zines accompanying Jean Jullien and Emily Rand’s ‘In The’ laser cut series too. I think these guys single handedly started my patch obsession and with great prices on all of their memorabilia it was hard not to walk out of the shop with everything. 

I’m keeping this post short and sweet as I’d rather you find out more by taking a visit to the shop yourself, but there’s a few more photos of that bloody lovely cork interior below so check it out and go and welcome the cool kid newbies to the Laines. 

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