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When I started working with Kate & Daniel (a.k.a Fabric of My Life & Atelier Tally) back in October, little did I know that they would open doors to some amazing opportunities for me. I’ve learnt so much about blogging in a short amount of time from the dynamic duo and have been fortunate enough to connect with lots of other brilliant design bloggers.

When they told me about relaunching We Blog Design last year, I knew I had to be involved somehow and five months and some persuasive action later, here we are. We launched a brand new site on Tuesday and I hosted our first ever tweet chat to get back in the swing of things. Follow the action now via @itsweblogdesign

If you haven’t already heard of it, We Blog Design was a very successful network a few years ago and was initially run by Katie Treggiden, Stacey Sheppard and Yeshen Venema, with Daniel also involved. Unfortunately it all got a bit hectic so the site was temporarily put on hold, just until somebody somewhere in the blogging world could put the love and effort back into it – cue us taking the time to update the site and it’s content almost two years later!

Looking to know more about the world of blogging, get tips on social media or try out the extra SEO trick every now and then? This is the place for you. We’ll be posting on a regular basis and the best thing about it is there’s a chance for everyone else to be involved to via the forum, inspiration page and social media posts, all you need to do is connect and we’ll do the rest.

One of the things I love about the blogging world is the amount of likeminded people you get to meet, it’s great to catch up with bloggers at events and likewise even connect with them via social media. As I’m still relatively new to the blogging world, I can sometimes feel slightly out of my depth so a community like We Blog Design is a welcome addition for me. I also can admit that I am a lost puppy when it comes to the technical side of the blog, so compiling all the information as a team has helped me out substantially – I’m a walking/talking testimonial that WBD offers good advice!

My main mission now is to try and get as many new bloggers or people considering starting a blog on board. Sign up here to be a member and PLEASE drop me a message if you do, I want to get to know you! In the meantime, you can get to know me via my interview with WBD here

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