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I’m never one to get too personal over here, preferring to talk about all things colourful and design-led and always aiming for informative over indulgent. However, I do believe in getting things out into the universe and on this one occasion I felt the urge to put my thoughts and Summer goals into the World Wide Web – maybe I’ll have more of a chance of succeeding with them?

Feel free to move on if you’re looking for interiors over insider information but we’re now halfway through the year and a good set of goals for the following six months seems like a good place to start. Let’s get cracking!


Do something for charity

One of my biggest aims for this year is to do something for a small charity that unfortunately became close to my heart in the past few months. I honestly have no idea what to do or how to go about doing it, so if anyone has any ideas please hit me up. I’m not gonna be jumping out of planes but I would love to set something creative up within Southampton (where the charity is located), perhaps even on an event scale to help support those affected by terminal cancer and to raise funds for Countess Mountbatten Hospice.

Set aside an hour a week for pure hands-on creativity

As a blogger with a full-time job I tend to be working A LOT. My evenings get taken up with work events, blogger events, writing for the blog and other freelance jobs, or I end up as an exhausted mess on the couch. I’m not complaining about the awesome experiences I get to have, but sometimes you do just need to bring it back down to the basics.

I used to draw everyday and that habit has slowly receded down to drawing once every three months, if I’m lucky. An hour sounds like such a short amount of time a week yet I know first-hand that sometimes feels impossible. I’ve set the weekly target low on purpose to help make the goal more achievable and hopefully I’ll get lost in the creative vibes in any case.

Put myself out there more in terms of writing and learn to promote myself better

I don’t think I’ve ever really made it that obvious that I LOVE to write and if I could do so all day as a full-time profession I 100% would. Blog posts, SEO articles, contributions to magazines – all things I completely enjoy doing and hope to continue to build on in my portfolio. At the moment I’m not pushing myself enough to get more of these jobs as I constantly feel time-restricted, but I’m hoping that forcing myself to have more structure will help with that a lot.

With that in mind, I also need to get better at promoting myself and putting my writing skills out there. Hey, if you’re reading this with a writing job in mind, just get in touch.

Read more books

Now this is NEVER a surprising goal as everyone seems to pop it on their list. Ultimately, we all need to read more. However my goal is to try and read more of a variety, again in order to improve my writing skills. I got into a habit of reading before bed last year but somehow abandoned it, does anyone have any tips on ensuring you prioritise reading? I tend to write on public transport so that’s probably not an option for me.

Focus on Pinterest

I don’t think I would be a blogger if I didn’t include some kind of social media goal within this post, we’re all obsessed right? I’m looking less at the numbers game and more at the content game on this occasion as Pinterest really isn’t something I focus on right now at all. Obviously it’s less of a social platform and more of a search engine, but I’ve heard all about the amazing things it can do for website traffic and this is of course something I would like to improve. Now I’ve got my beautiful home to photograph, I’m certainly going to be playing around with this platform more.

Go for morning runs

Now onto the personal goals – fitness! Before moving I used to go to the gym every few days and felt amazing for it. High on endorphins, I had more energy, felt less angry at life and more body confident. If I’m honest, right now I just feel like a big tired mess. I can’t quite afford to make the commitment to join the gym at the moment so I need to try my hand at running. On the street. With a big red face. Yeah, that’s right. If anyone has any tips for someone that can barely run 100m non-treadmill and probably needs about five beers before being able to consider not giving up, please, do leave a comment.

Do date night twice a month

Another very personal goal is to do date night twice a month and essentially immediately explore our local area. The boy and I love spending time together anyway but I’d really like to try and make the effort to eat out with him more and discover new foodie places. Again, due to a number of circumstances, we’ve not really had the chance to eat out much in Earlsfield and I’d really like to change that imminently.

Eat a more Mediterranean diet

Did someone say food? I’d really like to cook more Mediterranean food and learn to be a little more experimental in the kitchen. I love to cook (and eat) but again I’m sometimes so consumed by other things that dinner takes a backseat and becomes a quick oven meal as opposed to a gourmet vegetarian dinner.

I visited Seville a couple of years ago with my friend and heavily invested in the Spanish way of eating and I want to get back on this. Good skin, fresh hair, no bloat – it all seemed to come together.

So there we are, my aspirations for the next six months are now in the open and I think they’re all pretty do-able, right? I’d love to hear all about your own personal struggles and what you’re hoping to achieve in the remainder of 2017. Tweet me, email me, leave a comment – go, go, go!

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