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1 // Rattan Pendant Light | £85 | Oh What’s This
2 // Woman Art Print | £89 | Oh What’s This
3 // Brass Planter with Leather Straps | £95 | Oh What’s This
4 // Black Acapulco Chair | £200 | Oh What’s This
5 //  Black and Mustard Cushion | £55 | Oh What’s This
6 // Black Moroccan Pouf | £330 | Oh What’s This
7 // Black and White Rug | from £95 | Oh What’s This


I was recently asked by unique homeware site Oh What’s This to select a few items for the dedicated ‘Stylist Picks’ of their site – a page full of inspiring bloggers and interior stylists with their own dedicated personal style. With this, they also asked me to sum up my own sense of style for my bio, a task that I actually found very hard to do.

I’d like to think that I’m into a variety of things which normally come through in an eclectic mix of my tastes scrambled together. I don’t fit into ‘Boho’; I don’t fit into ‘Art Deco’; I don’t fit in to ‘Scandinavian’. In fact, definitely not the last one, but I like to think that I have an appreciation for them all. I reckon if you whacked me on an interior stylist television programme, I’d be able to do any theme given – I would just choose pieces that give off meaning and personality.

Home is where the heart is and for me, that means embodying things that I love. Eclectic mementos of my travels involving pattern, colours and textures.

~ Emma Jane Palin

For me, as I stated above in my quote, a home is all about feeling comfortable and that means souvenirs of life and things that bring happiness. As I travel a lot, I’m often heavily inspired by different textures and designs with meaning, which in turn has brought an eclectic nature to my interior choices.

The pieces I selected above remind me of places like Marrakech, France and even places closer to home such as Peckham and Brick Lane. Obviously, this is a muted take on my normal colourful style but I think the integration of monochrome graphic pieces is key to a well-rounded interior. I’d be happy with any of the items in my abode, reminding me of a previous time and place that brought me relaxation, fun or just awe. In fact, Oh What’s This is full of items oozing personality – just see for yourself and run free with your personal style.

EJP readers can get 10% off their purchases over £100 with this code: OWTEJP. I have not been reimbursed in any form for this post – I just like the site and wanted to share some of my picks!

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