January 23, 2018

The Edit | Positive Prints

Positive mind, positive attitude. Leading on from my post about positivity at the beginning of the month, I seem to have had a burst of positive artwork fall into my life. Perhaps that’s just the power of visualisation, eh? The thought has got me wondering whether I need to incorporate more positive designs into my interior scheme. I think I’ve already got enough notebooks, ya’know?

I’m not one for super cheesy mottos or ‘you can do it’ quotes but I am one for pattern, typography, colour and a good ol’ slogan. It’s not always easy to keep the positive vibes flowing but having a gentle reminder can be the perfect remedy for snapping you out of a bad mood and reminding you what’s important in life.

I’ve just finished reading The Key by Joe Vitale and it’s full of inspiring quotes on such matter. Surrounding yourself with the right words can indeed make a difference.

The way we chose to see the world creates the world we see.

~Barry Neil Kaufman

It’s SO important to remember how incredibly lucky we are – those little things that really get you down are really not worth your time. It’s also important to remember to give back and spread that positivity around. Perhaps you could even consider gifting a pal, family member or colleague a positive print to bring their spirits up. Luckily, these incredible independent designers below have got you covered.


1 // ‘Good Vibes Only’ Print | £7 | Lala Stationery
2// Hell Yes’ Print | £20 | Gayle Mansfield
3 // ‘So Much Love’ card (can be used as small print on pinboard!) | £3.50 | The Completist
4 // ‘Yes’ holographic screenprint | £35 | Lois O’Hara
5 // ‘Love Yourself’ Print | from £18 | Happy Go Lucky
6 // ‘Empowered Women Empower Women’ Print | from £18 | Happy Go Lucky
7 // ‘Positive’ Mini Prints | £6.50 | Kalee Jones
8 // ‘Yay’ Print | from £18 | Doodlemoo

What’s your favourite positive print? Are you a monochrome magpie or a colourful queen. Let me know in the comments below. 


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