January 10, 2017

The Instagram Addict | Six Amazing Accounts to Follow NOW!

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I’m an Instagram addict, I admit it. You can give me all the talks in the world about not caring too much about that little social media app, but ultimately I don’t care. It’s my escape from the woes of today’s world and creatively strategising a feed is quite simply something I utterly enjoy. There are so many ways to show your personality via this little part of the internet and of course people genuinely have built their careers just from a simple daily upload of something that floats their boat.

Browsing content over a cup of coffee in the morning is now part of my daily routine, searching hashtags and discovering new accounts, lost in the world of colours, flat lays and shots that have probably taken far too long to set up. The best thing I’ve learnt is that it is by no means a numbers game. Some of the strongest visual accounts I know are smaller (in the grand scheme of things) and even though I don’t always personally know the person behind the lens, I feel I have a pretty good insight into their creative process, perfect for my nosy parker instincts. For me 2017 is all about sharing the love, god knows we need it, so I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite accounts below – give ‘em a cheeky follow, you know you want to.

1 // Colourful wall love with @justauniform

Having literally only discovered Siobhan’s Instagram profile a couple of days ago, I’ve fallen head over heels pretty darn quickly. How refreshing to see such a colourful feed filled with outfit posts, vibrant accessories and most importantly a hefty number of painted walls. Not only does this lady make me want to get to Margate pronto, she’s also given me some serious hair and clothing envy – perhaps my all black days might be coming to an end (say what?!) If you need a little something to brighten up your day, @justauniform can surely be the gin to your tonic, with a pastel pink cocktail umbrella for extra finesse.

2 // Graphic details with @natasha_nuttall

I’ve been championing Miss Nuttall’s feed ever since I came across it and since she’s now one of my best pals, props to the power of the internet, I want to shout about it EVEN more. This lady deserves some lovin’. As a freelance Graphic Designer by day, Natasha sees the graphic elements in everything and her feed features snippets of inspiration from buildings, walls, signage, everything in the Big Smoke. I can assure you that this feed will make you notice the smallest of details. I constantly admire her ability to make her profile cohesive (ahem, this one doesn’t need white borders) and her witty captions – the key to great engagement!

3 // Effortlessly cool design with @chloehford

Chloe is another Graphic Designer with an abundance of seriously cool styled shots from both her own practise and the exhibitions she visits. Her slightly more minimal feed showcases pretty pastel hues and plenty of botanical inspiration, all perfectly formed into a simple, design-led timeline. I’m a little bit of a sucker for the insight into her weaving process and finished products, as I’m sure you will be too. Follow her now to join the design journey, I’m sure there is much more to come from this one.

4 // Patterns galore with @superabstract

Described only as “two very mysterious graphic designers from France’, the Super Abstract feed is an absolute delight to watch unfold. We all know that I’m a serious pattern person and honestly, this account brings me a great amount of joy, I just wish they could come and paint some walls in London for me! Their beautiful geometric imagery makes for a visual overload and quite frankly epitomises what Instagram for visual businesses should be all about. Produce, produce and produce even more!

5 // Curated interiors with @andproject_

I connected with Harriet from And Project a while ago now and I’ve been in love with her stylish feed ever since.  She’s got a refreshing take on interiors, staying true to herself and never seemingly following trends. You can probably see for yourself that this lass knows how to flat lay and if you can resist trying out her DIYs from her beautiful photography, I salute you. Heads up, she’s also just opened an etsy shop with some seriously cute marbled plant pots, check ’em out here.

6 // Everyday creative London with @rosh_thanki

Rosh is another fairly new discovery on the ol’ gram and I’m really enjoying her daily posts on her London adventures, featuring art installations, pop-up discoveries and even brilliant advertisements. Her feed is obviously fairly colour-orientated and pattern fuelled (here lies the appeal to me) but there’s also something a little gritty and raw to it, making the less obvious beautiful. It’s the simple things in life, eh?

What are your favourite Instagram accounts? Let me know yours via the comments or follow me @emmajanepalin so that I can discover yours!


  1. I absolutely loved this!! Thank you so so much for your kind words ???? Such a compliment, your feed is incredible ???????????? If you ever need any help moving away from black and into the colour or fancy a tour round Margate, just give me a shout!

    Big Love,



  2. Definitely hitting you up in Margate girl – need someone to show me the famous wall and all the other colourful spots! x

  3. You're a babe & thank you for all of your support (and Instagrammable wall tips) – so glad the internet brought us together 🙂 x

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