The Women who Rock | Five inspiring female business owners

Five inspiring female business owners

The Babe Rainbow; Five inspiring female business owners

Do we need a day to celebrate womanhood? Well, yes, maybe we do. There’s no harm in sharing and uplifting others is there? It’s not like we have to go to an overpriced restaurant and buy presents to do so, is it? I’m ALL for championing women on a more regular basis.

Strong, opinionated, vivacious, vibrant, intelligent, kind and open; these are all words that describe the five female founders in featuring today. If I were to host a panel, these are the women I’d want on it. Clearly, there are more than five inspiring female business owners out there but hey, I’m on a timeframe and I’d be here until International Women’s Day 2019 if I were to list them all. So for now, let’s go girls.

Ernestina Potts | Milk Tooth LDN

@milktoothldn |

I found out the other day that Ernestina has a full-time job as well as running successful start-up Milk Tooth. My mouth literally gawped open as I couldn’t quite believe she had managed to create a little earring-loving empire so quickly. Note: she does also have a great partner in crime, her partner Mark, who also deserves a male-supporting-females shout out!

Ernestina is witty, outspoken in the right way and super tuned in to the goings-on in the world. Having attended Milk Tooth’s event in collaboration with Mean Mail (more on her later), I saw Ernestina’s shiny side come out while moderating a panel of female speakers. She just knew how to bring out the best in them and THAT is what we need to see more of.

Zoe Anderson | W.A.Green

@w.a.greenlondon |

Zoe is living proof that you can follow your dreams no matter where you are in life and what you’ve been through. Having dreamt of owning her own store, Zoe finally did just that around a year ago and W.A.Green been growing successfully ever since.

Her strength comes out in her positive outlook on life and being around her is just an absolute joy – I’m pretty sure beams of rainbow light do just follow her around. She’s also completely absorbed into her business. You’ll find her in the shop almost daily, still chatting with customers while there’s a whole host of other work to be getting on with. She’s had it tough but her dedication to championing creatives is second to none and we all need to support her back in just the same way.

Vicky Simmons | Mean Mail 

@meanmail |

Mean Mail is essentially my life rounded-up in greetings cards. I knew when I met Vicky that we would get along just fine and to become close pals with her over the last six months has been a joy. She’s original, sassy and hardworking but ultimately one of the most kind-hearted women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I’m a real sucker for ladies that are dry on the outside but have a heart made of mush when it comes to real life issues.

Her constant stream of ideas leaves me feeling inspired and the amount of thought she puts into charity work is something that sets her apart from the rest. As her business grows, she’s still working on other projects – the amount of respect I have for what she’s done in the past year is probably more than she expects.

Emily Brooks | Emily Brooks 

@emilybrooksuk |

If you’re looking for someone to cheer you up, Emily is your girl. While you know she’s working hard, she’s also all about the lighter things in life and her daily Instagram stories feature dancing, silly stories featuring her kids’ toys and hilarious anecdotes. I admire just how brave she is at putting her true unfiltered self out there and for truly living in the moment. That ain’t easy.

She’s also a real advocate for other women and specifically mums out there; the embodiment of #communityover competition. It goes without saying that her card designs are bloody beautiful and she’s a dab hand at creating.

Sarah Akwisombe | No Bull Blog School

@sarahakwisombe | /

Even though I know Sarah will actually probably hate this shit, I had to pop her in to stay true to who I think is really kicking ass in the world of business. Strong, unfiltered and full of ideas, Sarah is the ultimate role model when it comes to pushing boundaries and celebrating success. And she’s not just got the one business going either.

Unsure of how to talk about money? Take a lesson in life from this lady. She’s blunt, honest and most importantly she understands how the world of business works. And she manages to do this all without coming across like a bull in a china shop or stepping on anyone else along the way.

Who are you favourite ladies doing good things in the business world? Drop me a message or leave a comment. 

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