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Hang your art on the floor. It’s the new wall.

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”

~ Andy Warhol

If there’s one thing you can bet I was sure of when seeking the perfect pad, it was the need for white walls and the freedom to PUT ART EVERYWHERE. I’ve been collecting prints since starting university and the collection now stands pretty strongly at 50+ pieces of work – now that’s a gallery wall.

Over the years, my taste hasn’t really swayed and while I’m immediately drawn to the usual suspects of pattern and bold colour, I’ve also got a real soft spot for black and white photography depicting rock stars, supermodels and generally any sixties scene.

Enter King & McGaw, the brand who embrace all art forms. From Pop Art to Mid-Century Modern, abstract prints to contemporary photography, you could spend hours getting lost in the endless directory of artwork. I should know, I did. Having written a dissertation on sixties culture and artists, I was immediately drawn to the Modern Masters section of the website. I’d seen before that a certain American artist was pretty predominant in their product range and I was curious to see how far his portfolio extended on their site.

These folk work with some of the most renowned figures in the art world as well as major artists’ estates, they’ve even trusted supplier of high-quality products for the likes of the V&A, The National Gallery, Tate Modern and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. That means you can trust what you’re getting and you know you’ll end up with an amazing print – no flimsy paper poster jobs or pixellated artwork here.


The one thing I’ve been working on in the last few months is collecting some bigger pieces to prop up against the walls. I don’t know why I’m such a fan of propping and resting, but something about it just screams artist’s residence to me and I’m a massive fan of the NYC loft vibe. Interestingly, this probably links directly to my fascination with Mr Warhol – The Factory has always been a constant source of inspiration, from studying to general day-to-day fashion to a love for silver walls. Let’s ignore the drugs though, drugs aren’t cool kids.

With a mountain of Warhol-related books, a scattering of Max’s and Velvet Underground records and a very used copy of Factory Girl, I felt it was time to add some superstar artwork to my life. After a quick flick through my Andy Warhol Screen Tests coffee table book, I knew I had to buy into the celebrity culture with a black and white print. It just made sense. Elvis was an absolute favourite of my Grandad so I was instantly drawn to this Double Elvis print. Who would say no to having a bit of ‘The King’ in their front room? The shot is actually taken from a publicity still for the Western film Flaming Star (1960) and I’ve read many a story about it. I love the way it merges with the more colourful prints on the wall and showcases my love for music and good looking men.



“An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have.”

~ Andy Warhol

The other print I was instantly drawn to was the classic Cow print, usually seen plastered as multiples all over the wall. Pink and yellow is totally my vibe right now, as are contrasting colours, throw a cow in the mix and Bob’s your uncle – the perfect EJP print.  In the future, I’ll get ’em all and create the craziest wall feature you could imagine. For now, though, I’m a little in awe of how well the monochrome and saturated colour work together. I can’t help but smile when looking over at this little corner of my home.

The fact that this little art supplier was started from a basement in Brighton in 1982 is another thing that fills me with joy. The team are still based in Sussex and while self-described as a ‘team of passionate craftsmen and designers, obsessing over the smallest details, creating products with you in mind’, I can 100% vouch that the experiences I’ve had with them have been nothing but vehement.

One of the main pros is that the art is affordable and there’s a very reasonably priced option of framing. My prints were packaged beautifully (not excessively) and the frames are amazing quality. If you want to know more, head on over to Fabric of My Life for a full framing service review. If you wanna win some of your own, then just keep on reading.


“Winning £100 to spend on art is better than spending it”

~Emma Jane Palin

In celebration of the new EJP abode, I’ve teamed up with King & McGaw to offer one lucky person a £100 gift voucher to spend on soup-related merchandise (or any prints that take your fancy). All you have to do is find me over on Instagram, give King & McGaw a follow too and comment with your artistic muse. The competition closes at Midnight on May 1st so plenty of time to enter AND consider what you might spend the pennies on. Some hints for you below.

1 // All is pretty
2 // Skull, 1976
3 // Flowers, c.1964 (1 red, 1 pink, 2 yellow)
4 // Cow, 1971 (blue & yellow)
5 // Campbell’s Soup I: Tomato, 1968
6 // Self Portrait, c.1964 (photobooth pictures)

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with King & McGaw buy hey, you know what’s new around here? I’m not waiting to be offered content. If I see a brand I wanna work with, I go out and do it – that way you know you’re getting 100% real recommendations of brands I admire and 100% buy into. Thanks to the lovely team at King &McGaw for supporting me on my Warhol propping mission.

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  1. Rosie Cooper says:

    I love colour and art gives our home character. Please enter me as I’ve just decorated my hallway and I need some art in it now!

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