An avid lover of design and illustration with a soft spot for metallic interiors and probably every printed publication in the universe. You’ll probably find me at a local art fair along with my pooch George who loves all of the extra attention he gets from all the creatives.

I’m a Graphic Design & Illustration graduate living in London and working at a rather lovely design communications agency, which specialises in everything from traditional PR for architecture practices, independent designers and kitchen design to digital marketing for the likes of major British brand Anglepoise. Although I am still a doodler at heart I’m also taken with writing about other artists and seeking wonderful creative stories.

I see this as my space to showcase fresh talent as well as providing insight into an exhibition or two. I like to spot trends and discover new talent so please do get in touch if you have an upcoming show that fits the bill. Illustration, Graphic Design, Interiors – it’s all welcome here, as long as it features a great narrative, a whole lotta colour or a just a teeny bit of pattern.

Here’s the braggy part. I’ve been featured in Time Out (here and here), Metro (here) and also write regular features for the lovely girls at To Work or To Play. In fact, I bloody love writing for others so it me up if you’re after a guest post.

I’ll only ever post anything that I adore so don’t expect to see bad reviews here – I want to share designers that deserve a few compliments and I hope you give them just that via all of their social media channels.

Im always looking to collaborate or bring in fresh ideas so lets have a chat. You can also find me running bloggers network We Blog Design. Drop me an email here : emma[at]emmajanepalin[dot]com


Q: What is Emma Jane Palin all about?
A: I’m set on discovering new illustrators and designers so this blog is my own way of providing a platform to those who would like it. There’s also a lovely mix of more established designers, exhibitions to visit and a little bit of inspiration.

Q: When did you start blogging?
A: I started blogging in June 2015. It’s still a learning curve every day!

Q: Do you write anywhere else?
A: Yes! I’m currently writing about Art & Culture over at The Absorbe and looking at retail over at Insider Trends. I’ve also contributed to The Metro, Time Out and This Is It! Network.

Q: Do you accept guest posts?
A: I do have a series with an RCA student, Patrick O’Mahony, who writes about his experiences. I would consider other similar guest posts of a collaborative nature so just get in touch if you would like to brainstorm some ideas. I won’t accept guest posts from brands, sorry!

Q: Do you write sponsored content?
A: Well, this is the question. I do not accept payment for content. Anything you see within a post will be someone or something I adore and totally believe in. I write this blog because I love it and I love the people I feature on it. This site acts as my creative outlet and portfolio and I intend to keep it as such. You can of course pay me to write on your own site or for your publication instead though (please do!)

Q: But we can give you a free ticket to an exhibition or event?
Of course! But please do be aware that I won’t write about it if it wasn’t really for me. I don’t like being mean or dishonest.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Drop me an email at emma[at]emmajanepalin[dot]com